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The ECNL Boys National Playoffs begin June 25 in Southern California.

Six age groups will compete in the last leg of the 2021-22 season. The oldest age group will determine the champion, and the national final will be held July 13-17 in Missouri.

See the playoff draw below.

U18/19 Mesh

No. 1 Louisville City Academy vs. No. 16 Houston Dynamo Youth

No. 8 La Roca vs. No. 9 Charlotte Independence Pro

No. 5 NEFC vs. No. 12 Tampa Bay United

No. 13 UFA vs. No. 4 Eclipse Select SC

No. 3 San Diego Surf vs. No. 14 Charlotte SA Academy

No. 11 LAFC So Cal vs. No. 6 KC Scott Gallagher

No. 7 NTH-NASA vs. No. 10 San Juan SC

No. 15 FC Dallas vs. No. 2 Crossfire Premier


Group A: KC Scott Gallagher, Tulsa, South Carolina United, Pittsburgh Riverhounds

Group B: Sporting Delaware, Beach FC, Atlanta Fire, Sporting Nebraska

Group C: United Futbol Academy, SLSG MO, Miramar United, Maryland United FC

Group D: San Diego Surf, NC Fusion, FSA FC, Palm Beach United

Group E: Davis Legacy, Houston Dynamo Youth, Match Fit Academy, Rockford Raptors

Group F: Wilmington Hammerheads, Dallas Texans, Alabama, Pacific NW.

Group G: Real Colorado, Charlotte Independence Pro, LAFC So Cal, Carolina Elite SA.

Group H: Seattle United, Penn Fusion, La Roca, MVLA

Group I: Dallas, Legends FC, NCFC Youth, Concorde Fire Platinum

Group J: Florida Crazes/Crash, Manhattan SC, Pateadores, Dallas Texans

Group K: Wisconsin, Santa Clara Sporting, Charlotte S.A. Academy, Slammers

Group L: Ohio Premier, Lonestar South, Richmond United, Washington Timbers.

Group M: NTH-NASA, WNY Flash, Crossfire Premier, St. Croix SC

Group N: Utah Avalanche, STA, NCFC Youth Academy, Tucson FC

Group O: Pipeline SC, Tampa Bay United, Albion Hurricanes, Mustang SC

Group P: Louisville Academy, East Meadow, Golden State FC, Colorado Rapids


Group A: Pipeline SC, Lonestar SC North, FC Golden State East, Davis Legacy

Group B: Eclipse Select, NTH-NASA, NCFC Youth, San Juan SC

Group C: Carolina Elite SA, Louisville City Academy, Santa Clara Sporting, FC Wisconsin

Group D: Seattle United, Nationals SC, Gretna Elite, United Futbol Academy

Group E: World Class FC, Arlington SA, Florida Elite, Concorde Fire Premier

Group F: Dallas, Washington Premier, Penn Fusion, Concord Fire Platinum.

Group G: Real Colorado, Match Fit Academy, FC Alliance, St. Croix SC

Group H: San Diego Surf, OK Energy, Crossfire Premier, FSA FC

Group I: Ohio Premier, Sporting Delaware, West Coast, Albion Hurricanes.

Group J: Florida Craze/Crash, Pateadores, Rise SC, La Roca

Group K: Sporting Nebraska, Charlotte Independence Pro, Florida Premier, Eastside.

Group L: Marin, Los Cal, Michigan Wolves, Tampa Bay United.

Group M: Utah Avalanche, Boston Bolts, Heat, Charlotte

Group N: Charlotte SA Academy, Tulsa SC, Mustang SC, Slammers FC

Group O: Richmond United, Legends FC, KC Scott Gallagher, NEFC

Group P: Houston Dynamo Youth, Cleveland Force, Virginia Union, Los Angeles Breakers


Group A: La Roca, Wilmington Hammerheads, Pateadores, Wisconsin

Group B: Eclipse Select, Arlington SA, World Class FC, WNY Flash

Group C: NTH-NASA, OK Energy, Ohio Premier, Palm Beach United.

Group D: Florida Premiers, GSA, San Juan, Eastside.

Group E: Pipeline SC, Concorde Fire Platinum, Washington Premier, STA

Group F: FC Dallas, LAFC So Cal, Florida Elite, NCFC Youth

Group G: Louisville Academy, Charlotte U.A. Academy, Sporting Nebraska, Slammers FC

Group H: San Diego Surf, OK Energy, Crossfire Premier, FSA FC

Group I: Crossfire Premier, Houston Dynamo Youth, MVLA, Tennessee SC

Group J: Sporting Iowa, South Carolina Surf, NCFC Youth Academy, Lonestar SC North

Group K: Penn Fusion, Nationals SC, Seattle United, Real Colorado

Group L: Mustang, UVA, Golden State West, Albion Hurricanes

Group M: Heat, Cleveland Force, Santa Clara Sporting, Rockford Raptors.

Group N: Legends FC, FC Delco, Florida Kraze/Krush, Charlotte SA

Group O: DKSC, SLSG MO, Davis Legacy, Boston Bolts

Group P: Dallas Texans, Colorado Rapids, Pacific SZ, West Coast.


Group A: Utah Avalanche, Carolina Elite SA, Eclipse Select SC, Gretna Elite

Group B: SUSA Albertson FC, Richmond United, Cleveland Force, Tennessee SC

Group C: OK Energy, Concorde Fire Platinum, La Roca, Indiana Elite

Group D: Crossfire Premier, Dallas Texans, WNY Flash, Mustang SC

Group E: Nationals SC, SDSC Surf, Sporting Iowa, South Carolina Surf

Group F: MVLA, SLSG MO, GSA, Tampa Bay United

Group G: Beach FC, Baltimore Celtic, Placed United SC, Lonestar SC North

Group H: Florida Premier, Albion Hurricanes, Wisconsin FC, Charlotte Academy.

Group I: SLSG IL, LAFC So Cal, FSA FC, Loudoun SC

Group J: NTH-NASA, Sporting Delaware, Slammers, Washington Premiers.

Group K: Charlotte Independence Pro, Delco FC, Heat FC, Dallas FC

Group L: FC Pride, Santa Rosa United, Match Fit Academy, Houston Dynamo Youth

Group M: Louisville Academy, DKSC, FC Golden State East, STA

Group N: Seattle United, Colorado Rapids, Legends, Palm Beach United.

Group O: World Class FC, Virginia Development Academy, Ohio Premier, San Diego Surf

Group P: Florida Crazes/Crash, NCFC Youth Academy, Arizona Arsenal, Eastside


Group A: Crossfire Premier, Manhattan SC, Del Mar Sharks, Houston Dynamo Youth

Group B: SLSG MO, Seattle United, Tulsa SC, Skyline Elite

Group C: Florida Crazes/Crash, Sporting Arsenal, Sporting Nebraska, Lonestar South.

Group D: Pipeline SC, GSA, Florida Premier, Santa Rosa United.

Group E: San Diego Surf, Indiana Elite, Utah Avalanche, South Carolina United

Group F: DKSC, Legends FC, WNY Flash, Eclipse Select

Group G: Rio Rapids, Pateadores, Penn Fusion, Charlotte Academy.

Group H: World Class FC, Eastside FC, NCFC Youth Academy, Slammers FC

Group I: Nationals SC, Richmond United, Colorado Rapids, OK Energy

Group J: NTH-NASA, FC Bucks, KC Scott Gallagher, LA Breakers FC

Group K: Davis Legacy, Wisconsin FC, CESA, Ohio Premier

Group L: STA, South Carolina Surf, MVLA, Wilmington Hammerheads

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