Dark vs Squid Game: Netflix’s Tenseest Foreign Language Thriller

The debate is raging. Dark fans claim this is the best non-English Netflix thriller. Others say the Korean masterpiece Squid Game is Netflix’s best foreign language movie. It’s time to solve it. Dark vs Squid Game – What is the greatest non-English thriller ever made?

Darkness: strong emotional impact

Darkness is a big influence on the story
Darkness is a big influence on the story

The show tends to be related to science fiction and time travel. And he does it very well there. But Darkness is much more than just science fiction. He plays to the limit of his abilities, but also tries to get out of his comfort zone. The characters and their struggles make the story even better. The impact of the plot reminds us of a Shakespearean tragedy, a story of twists and turns that ultimately ends in loss and grief. Dark makes sure there is still hope in its painful story arc. Hope is what drives the plot of Darkness, and that tiny ray of hope is enough to set you up for the next episode.

Squid Game: the most accurate reflection of the class division

Greatest Thrillers
Netflix’s Squid Game

Over the years, public opinion about a few select elites grabbing hold of power and wealth and manipulating society has grown stronger. Squid Game plays on this mood. Its premise has less to do with a real game than with a social allegory—that free will is an illusion. Everything is controlled by the elite from behind the scenes. And these people will do everything to protect their seats. including forcing people to fight, maim and kill each other for fun.

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Darkness: This is a show with a deeper meaning

Darkness - Three Jonas
Darkness – Three Jonas

The number 3 is very important for Dark. Jonas travels through three worlds and the series has three seasons. As the story progresses, there are also three different versions of Jonas. Much like J.K. Rowling follows the rule of 7 in his books, Dark is more deeply fascinated with the number 3 and the entire plot unfolds around that number. It becomes extremely difficult for storytellers to adhere to this rule as knowledge expands. Therefore, it’s a stroke of genius that Dark managed to end its story on this unique formula no matter what.

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Squid Game: Simplicity is the greatest complexity

netflix filming reality show based on squid game
The game “Squid” – “Candy game”

As they say, beauty is in simplicity. And for some reason, simplicity has fascinated mankind since time immemorial. We’re afraid of complex things, whether it’s stories, cars, or relationships. And Squid Game builds on that genuine fear of complexity that we all have. Every game in Squid Game is simple. And that raises the stakes. Everyone understands the game and easily comes to the conclusion how to win it, leaving little to no advantage to other players. This “fairness” and “simplicity” is what made watching people compete in the Squid Game so terrifying.

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Darkness: leaves many questions open to interpretation

Darkness - Open Ended Story Arc
Darkness – open-ended story arc

Dark excels in this area. The master storyteller never spoon-feeds the reader or viewer. he or she creates the story in such a way that the audience has multiple ways to understand it. The episodes of Dark have left the door open to a plethora of possibilities. Instead of educating the audience on every answer, the unanswered questions created hype among fans and made the show all the more intriguing to watch.

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Squid Game: Best Character Development

Much better overall character development
Much better overall character development

squid Game hides many clues in its episodes, hinting that the games were a ploy by Il-nam and the rest of the select elite to manipulate the players. Il Nam himself left many clues in previous episodes that helped viewers understand that he was an inner person. The character of G-hoon and his allies had a lot to say, and all of them had changed in one way or another by the time the series ended. Only Gi-hoon survived, but his entire world was turned upside down by the Squid Game. Unlike Dark, Squid Game gave a proper redemption arc to almost all of its main characters.

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