‘Daredevil’ cover shows Marvel realizes Netflix did the right thing

The cover design for the upcoming Daredevil series reveals it will be written with action sequences similar to what made the Netflix series so great.

After Marvelhuge Devil’s realm the event begins a new chapter in the life of a person without fear, Daredevil. Daredevil has always been a mainstay of Marvel, but back in 2015 Netflix released the first season of the game show and brought the character a new surge in popularity. The series was dark and gritty, and the new cover for Chip Zdarksey’s upcoming album. Daredevil run shows that Marvel knows what made the Netflix series so great.

three seasons Daredevil plus ensemble Defenders the series put Matt Murdock on a brutal and bloody street fighting mission to clear the streets of Hell’s Kitchen of criminal activity. With the fourth Daredevil With the MCU-set season on the way, many fans are hoping that Disney will continue the dark and gritty theme that Netflix has created. At least with the comics, it seems that fans can be sure that this hope will come true.

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Chip Zdarsky Daredevil releases on July 13th, and a variant cover by Dan Panosian shows that Marvel will do what made the Netflix series so great. On the cover, Daredevil and Elektra are walking down a Chinatown-like street. It is raining heavily and the two are reflected in the puddle, except that in this reflection they are surrounded by members of the Hand. Like the famous artist Peach Momoko. Daredevil cover, it promises that the comics will showcase a new, tougher side of Matt Murdock. This work is a Netflix one-shot fight scene waiting in the wings.

The other version of Panosyan’s cover (a variant of the variant, if you like) really feels like a punch. Originally published in tweet, another version of the cover shows the same image in black and white, and this one is really brutal. Looking at this aesthetic, I wish the entire series was written in black and white, and the only color used at all would be red, for obvious reasons. How cool would it be to see the upcoming confrontation between Daredevil and the Punisher in monochrome with red spots?

new Chip Zdarsky Daredevil run promises a lot for the character, and Dan Panosian’s cover lives up to that promise. Marvel humbly takes the page out of Netflixbook and resolution Daredevil be the bloody, violent, street-fighting series that it was always meant to be.

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Look for new Daredevil when it comes out on July 13th!

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