Cut down on your monthly bills by saving money on your Netflix, Spotify and Amazon subscriptions without canceling them.

Nowadays, we’re all trying to cut corners to keep costs down, and while most online subscription services are reasonably priced, optimizing your subscriptions can help you save money on annual costs.

From getting a better streaming service more aligned with your interests, to sharing a family plan with friends or family, there are a number of ways to save money on streaming services without giving up on weekday entertainment.

The cost of these services is also creeping up as inflation continues to rise.

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Go yearly

While it can be tempting to save money and go for a monthly payment with the idea in mind that you’ll pay less in the short term and can cancel, most people never remember canceling unwanted subscriptions or end up loving the service and then getting stuck. pay the highest rate.

Choose an annual subscription, where you can save money in the long run, and the annual maintenance cost is 10-50 euros cheaper than the monthly one.

Share care

If you live with housemates, tenants, or family, sharing your subscription services with a family plan can be much cheaper than using separate accounts.

Family plans usually allow you to use the service on four screens at the same time, so even if you can’t agree on what to watch, you can enjoy different content on different devices at the same time.

Four individual family members paying for individual Netflix subscriptions add up to a monthly family bill of €35.96, while a premium plan that lets you use four screens at the same time is €20.99 – a yearly family having 179.64.

A Spotify family account allows up to six different users for €17.99 per month. Having six individual accounts costs a total of €59.94 per year, so a family with two adults and four children switching to a family plan will save a whopping €503.00 per year.

Look for packages

Some Wi-Fi and broadband providers offer free 12 or 24 month subscriptions to certain streaming services if you switch as your provider. Calculate if it’s worth making changes and enjoy new free content.

Some services have other benefits as well: Amazon Prime offers a free subscription to their streaming service when you select a Prime membership on their shopping website.

You can use free trials

Get the most out of any attempt before buying options like one-month free trials.

The trick is to set an alarm on your calendar exactly one day before the end of your monthly trial, reminding you to decide if you want to unsubscribe or stay on. Make this notification on your phone the same moment you sign up for your free trial so you don’t forget you signed up.

The trial gives you the ability to decide if the content available on any given streaming, music or restaurant service is worth the money based on how often you use it. Track how often you use it – for example, if it’s a food delivery service, did you really prepare all the dishes and use all the ingredients every time? And for the streaming service, how easy was it to find content that matches your interests and how many hours did you spend using it this month?

Change your streaming subscriptions

Most streaming services don’t charge for cancellations. so if you really need Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hayu, Netflix, Now TV and Hulu, alternate your commitments with your favorite shows.

We all love to binge watch shows, so if you’re a Stranger Things fan and you know new shows are coming out in June and July, keep your Netflix subscription and put the rest aside.

Next month, when you absolutely have to watch the new season of The Real Housewives and want to watch the old X-Files reruns, temporarily forego the rest and keep Hayu and Disney+.

New dates for the payment of pensions and social benefits for the June holidays have been approved
New dates for the payment of pensions and social benefits for the June holidays have been approved

Get a Niche

There is nothing worse than having all the popular streaming services at your fingertips, but spending 40 minutes looking through them all, trying to find something to watch. Instead, you can try small niche streaming services for specific styles of content.

For example, if you or your kids only watch anime on Netflix and Amazon, consider having only one Crunchyroll subscription. If you know that you and your family love a good true crime documentary or story, try Curiosity Stream, which hosts only educational and exploratory films and shows.

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