Could a third generation of Curry make it to the NBA?

He is 3 years old, loves pizza, blows harmonica and kicks a basketball. He’s cute, he has a nice smile and heck, he looks a lot like his old man. So what, you ask? He is a baby. This is what they do. However, the first 14 videos of this baby that I saw online got 8,812,000 views.

Sunday was Father’s Day and that number is bound to increase. It will probably be a video where he yells “Worry” to his father. That’s what happens when you’re Canon Curry, Steph’s son, when your very existence triggers the dream of every Warriors fan.

Canon Curry could be the first grandchild in sports history to follow his grandpa and dad into a professional star, in this case the NBA. There are many known combinations of father and son, but there is never a connection between father and son and grandson.

Dell Curry, the grandfather, is the second leading scorer in Charlotte Hornets history, as well as the second-best three-pointer. He was the sixth NBA Player of the Year in the 1993-94 season. He was selected by Utah in the first round of the draft, a second-team NCAA All-American in college. He played 16 years in the NBA.

Steph Curry – son If you don’t know what his business is, I should interview you immediately because you should tell me what it’s like to be frozen, how cryonics works, and you happened to talk to Ted Williams.

Canon, who turns 4 on July 2, got everyone spinning when he saw him dribble a basketball with both hands at the same time in one of the videos. Now it really strikes all parents because the typical 3 year old dribbles, but usually from a non-spill cup. The sleight of hand for this page is hours of searching for the thumb.

However, this double dribble can be seen as an over-the-top and unnecessary fantasy display given the fact that Canon can’t even score a donut, let alone a basketball. And so it could have remained if not for the Eurostep.

Popularized among the people of Pond, the Eurostep is an exaggerated planting of the foot that, if done fast enough, deftly allows the ball carrier to evade a defender.

In the video, Canon swings left and right while saying “Eurostep”. 3-year-olds say “eurostep” no more than “Hey, how about some extra tzatziki on that gyroscope?”

Canon Curry is famous for his mom Aisha’s 7.7 million social media followers who have seen photos or videos of this little guy since he was born weighing six pounds seven ounces. Without a doubt, mom and dad surround their son with love, tenderness and pride. The video shows the mother giggling just like her son.

Curries are open parents. While other celebrities, sports or otherwise, find the public eye intrusive, Canon is on the court before a game, after a game, in practice. Dribbling, cuddling, getting into dad’s hands, the baby shows one of the most noticeable features of his father – energy.

Curries cover the vastness of the Internet public. They invite people into their lives. It’s refreshing and reflects their personality. Even when the team loses to long-distance jumpers Steph, it is admirable. No one has the range, accuracy and agility that Curry has. As is endurance. In the four major sports, there has never been an athlete in better aerobic shape than Curry.

So why not dream of 2039? “Guys, Canon is burying another three-pointer!” Dell will be 72 and Stef will be 49, probably retired. And people will look for comparisons to Curry, but there won’t be any.

Bobby and Barry Bonds, Dale Sr. and Dale Jr. Earnhardt, Brett and Bobby Hull can start a conversation. Richard and Lee Petty, as well as Archie, Eli and Peyton Manning complete it. Calvin and Grant Hill deserve a few words, as well as fans of the Nortons, Ken Sr. and Ken Jr. The Warriors will mention Michael and Clay Thompson.

But it’s as far as apples fall from a tree.

It’s fair to say Canon may not be an NBA superstar. Maybe by the age of 5 Canon will understand that playing with Tonka Trucks will make sense. Maybe all these cat videos will help him on his way to Dr. Canon, who talks to animals.

Do you think he knows what he’s doing? — the questioner asked the pope in one of the videos.

“We’ll get there eventually,” Steph replied.

Canon just having fun, kid who loves basketball without end game? Or is he subconsciously tracing his way to the NBA even now, at such a young age? Steph left it open to interpretation.

Sports News beat the opportunity in this response: “3-Point Champion of 2039!”

Anyone who knows Curry hasn’t seen Dad demand that Canon do crunches at age 5. In one video, Canon volunteered to do squats by lifting his legs up. It’s sweet and innocent, without the disembodied voice correction.

The only person Steph Curry has driven hard and to the limit is himself. His son will see it. Probably already there. Whether Canon finds this interesting remains to be seen. Steph is well aware of the power of self-determination and recognizes it in others or its absence.

Maybe Canon is doing his bizarre euro step and dribbling two basketballs at the same time, hinting at his future. If so, we should know that Canon has already started its basketball journey.

The canon was premature. He was born a month early. Here it is. Like his father’s jumper, Canon instinctively released quickly.

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