Charlotte is the future football “star”: William: “Very good in goal”

Prince William has revealed that Princess Charlotte, 7, is a ‘budding’ soccer star and older brother Prince George, 8, is ‘very competitive’ on a visit with the England women’s soccer team.

William made the visit in his capacity as President of the British Football Association (FA) as the England women’s team prepare to compete in the UEFA Euro 2022 women’s football tournament.

The Prince’s visit comes just a month after he was booed loudly during the FA Cup final between Liverpool and Chelsea in London. Liverpool fans booed William as his name was announced over the loudspeakers at Wembley Stadium, and the crowd continued booing during the British national anthem “God Save the Queen”.

Prince William, Princess Charlotte Women's Soccer Team
Prince William called 7-year-old Princess Charlotte a “promising star of the future” as a football player during a visit to the England women’s football team on 15 June 2022.
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Many commentators spoke out against William’s treatment and booing of the national anthem in the days following the match, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who said through a spokesman: “It was a pity that as we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the FA Cup, an event bringing people together, which a small minority has decided to act in this way.

Others have defended the right of Liverpool fans to challenge British establishment figures such as members of the royal family following the 1989 Hillsborough disaster in which 97 fans were killed in collisions during an FA Cup match.

Liverpool fans were initially blamed for causing the stampede, however a series of investigations over the following decades revealed that a substantial cover-up was made to divert attention from police mismanagement at the event.

William has been president of the FA since 2006 and during his visit to England’s Lionesses women’s team, the prince discussed how much the entire Cambridge family loves football as a sport.

Prince William T-shirts for Cambridge kids
Prince William was presented with a personalized shirt for each of his children during a visit to the England women’s football team on 15 June 2022.
Paul Ellis/WPA Pool/Getty Images

After the prince gave each of his children, George, Charlotte and Louis, personalized England football jerseys, the prince told the team: “Charlotte wants me to tell you that she is really good in goal. She said, “Please tell them that.” adding that she is “an up-and-coming star of the future!”

When the royal visited St George’s football ground, where the England national team trains, he spoke about his eldest son George’s love of football, telling Lionesses captain Leah Williamson. daily mailthat he plays for the local football team and that the young prince is “becoming very competitive”.

That day, William entered the field with the team and hit two free throws, one of which was saved by the goalkeeper, and the other shot.

The last time William played football in front of the cameras was during his controversial Caribbean tour in March. A member of the royal family took part in an amateur match with a local team from Trenchtown in Jamaica, along with professional football player from England Raheem Sterling.

Prince William's football shot during a visit to England
Prince William scored one goal during a light-hearted game while visiting the England women’s football team, 15 June 2022.
Paul Ellis/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Cambridge children took center stage this year when they took part in Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

George, Charlotte and Louis took part in their first official carriage procession on the first day of the anniversary celebration, heading to Trooping the Color with their mother Kate Middleton and step-grandmother Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

While George and Charlotte were in the spotlight during their balcony performances and a special visit to Wales during the long weekend celebrations, according to social media, it was little brother Louis who took the spotlight.

The Little Prince’s daring antics during the Buckingham Palace flight and anniversary pageant sparked much discussion in the days that followed.

Kate became the target of criticism for her parenting abilities after an anniversary pageant in which Louis became restless during the three-hour parade and was filmed covering his mother’s mouth with his hand.

In response to this criticism, William and Kate added a line to the Twitter post thanking the public for their support for the anniversary reading: “We all had a great time, especially Louis…”

This was followed by an emoji showing a pair of eyes looking the same way and was signed “W&C” for “William and Katherine”.

For more royal news and commentary, check out Newsweek’s The Royal Report podcast:

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