Centralia College paves the way for Field of Dreams

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Note: This story was produced by the Lewis County Economic Alliance as part of a monthly special featured in The Chronicle.

In the spring of 2022, construction began on a new multi-use athletics facility at the corner of Iron Street and Centralia College Boulevard.

On May 25, Centralia College’s multipurpose sports field was inaugurated in front of the Michael Smith Gymnasium at Centralia College.

“Centralia College students have been raising funds for this project since 2013,” Centralia College said in a press release. “Their years of work make this baseball, softball and football turf a beautiful reality.”

Demolition and site preparation, as well as preparation of electrical, lighting and plumbing systems, will reschedule the project to the summer. The fences, curbs and field base are scheduled to be completed in early autumn. Lawn laying and finishing works (curbs, fencing, etc.) are planned to be completed in October-November.

State Rep. Peter Abbarno, R-Centralia, and former president of the Centralia College Foundation call this project our “Field of Dreams.”

“Great effort by the student government of Centralia College, the College Centralia Foundation, College of Centralia, the City of Centralia, and the community for their commitment to laying the foundation stone and building an athletic facility on campus for the oldest continuously operating community college in the state of Washington (since 1925),” Abbarno said. “I am proud to be a part of this project as a former City Council Member, Foundation Board Member, and former President of the Foundation.”

The sports complex, which will include baseball, softball and football fields, will use a state-of-the-art turf made of grass-like fibers supported by soft tiny balls of cork or other material that work like mud to keep each blade in the air. . The turf is porous, which allows rain to flow directly into the drainage system. To play, you do not need to wait until the field is dry.

“The new fields will encourage more active participation in sports and enhance the recruiting potential of Centralia College,” the statement said. “The college plans to add a men’s soccer team once the field is completed. There are already teams in women’s soccer, baseball and softball. These teams are currently playing on community fields in Centralia.”

The college has been planning this addition since 1999, when it began buying up about 40 lots needed for the complex. Students contributed over $3 million to the project through student fees, but more is needed to improve and complete the site.

The Centralia College Foundation is raising funds to purchase assistive equipment that will allow athletes and fans to have more fun. The foundation’s recent gala raised money for sound systems for all three pitches, as well as portable football stands and seating.

if you want to donate:

The CC Foundation will seek donors to fund other amenities in this turf field. If you are interested or have ideas, please contact Christine Fossett at 360-623-8451 or email [email protected]

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