Celtics vs. Warriors Predictions, Picks, Odds, Scatter, Line for Game 6 of the 2022 NBA Finals

It all comes down to this for the Boston Celtics. With a Game 6 win on Thursday night, they will extend their season, keep their championship hopes alive and force a decisive Game 7 of the NBA Finals. With the loss, their season will come to an end, and the Golden State Warriors will take their fourth victory. ring for the past eight years under coach Steve Kerr.

At one point, Boston held a 2-1 series lead, but two poor performances in a row in the fourth quarter put them on the brink of relegation. Particularly discouraging for the Celtics is the fact that they missed Steph Curry from behind the arc in Game 5 and still haven’t been able to walk away with a win. It is unlikely that Curry will have two bad shots in a row.

The good news for the Celtics is that they have proven their ability to bounce back from losses this playoff. They are 7-1 straight from a playoff loss, with their only loss in Game 5 against Golden State. If the Celtics are going to extend the season, they need to take care of the ball. They had 18 turnovers that led to 22 points for Golden State in Game 5, and that just doesn’t help against a dangerous and explosive team like the Warriors. Boston will also need a great performance from Jason Tatum, who has so far scored under 30 points in every game of the Finals.

If Boston can take care of the ball and get an outstanding game from Tatum, then maybe this streak will go further. See how our experts evaluate Game 6 between Boston and Golden State.

How to watch Game 6 of the NBA Finals

  • The game: NBA Finals Game 6
  • Date: Thursday 16 June | 21:00 ET
  • Location: TD Garden – Boston, Massachusetts
  • TV channel: alphabet | Live Stream: fuboTV (Try for free)
  • Chances: Celtics -170; Warriors +145; G/L: 210

Featured game | Boston Celtics vs Golden State Warriors

Celtics vs. Warriors Prediction Game 6 Picks

Bill Reuter: Klay Thompson may have found his way to shooting. Andrew Wiggins has officially resurrected his career and all the promises that came with being the No. 1 pick in the draft. The Warriors defense has found its footing, keeping the Celtics below 100 points in three of the five games played so far. since this NBA Finals. And, as you’ve probably heard, Steph Curry tends to excel when he goes out of the game without 3 points. But the Warriors also have something important that Boston doesn’t: the ups and downs of past NBA Finals and the lessons they teach. Of course, winning in the past helps you learn how to do it again. But just as important is the memory and experience of the Warriors when they lost a 3-1 series lead in the 2016 NBA Finals, as well as first-hand knowledge of why they can’t let Boston off the hook now. Choice: Warriors +3.5 | Warriors 108, Celtics 99

Brad Botkin: I love the increased pressure that Boston put on Curry in Game 5. He’s not going to raise the goose egg out of 3 again, but I do think Steve Kerr is playing with fire by chasing Curry without a ball, which is playing Boston’s change of hands. I think Jaylen Brown plays better at home. I think one of the role players – Derrick White, Grant Williams or Al Horford – had a big night and Jason Tatum can’t end up this bad forever. The fans in Boston will be crazy. Golden State is not a ruthless force. It has holes. Boston will find its way through enough of them to bring it to seven. Pick: Celtics -3.5 | Celtics 107, Warriors 103

James Herbert: There are good reasons to choose the Warriors to close this case. Boston endured two devastating fourth quarter performances, missing out on opportunities to take control of the streak at home and take advantage of Stephen Curry’s rare away game. All of the Golden State role players are doing well, and the Celtics are constantly falling into the same stagnant, sloppy game that almost doomed them at the very end of the Eastern Conference Finals. In 11 of the 20 quarters in the Finals, Boston’s offense was worse than Detroit’s, which finished 28th in the regular season. But the Warriors had nine even worse quarters than the Pistons, and it wasn’t until Game 5 that either team had lost two straight games in the entire playoffs. I’m not sure how important game-to-game momentum is, and since I picked the Celtics to win seven games, I’m going to stick with it. As bad as the mood was in Games 4 and 5, don’t forget how brutal Boston’s losses were in Game 5 against Milwaukee and Game 6 against Miami. Being in a bad mood is just part of the Celtics experience! All evidence suggests that these two teams are even, so it is correct that this thing goes seven. Pick: Celtics -3.5 | Celtics 114, Warriors 106

Colin Ward-Henninger: Ime Udoki has a good point when he says that the Celtics have been very good defensively for almost the entire series. Just like in the playoffs, if the Celtics take care of the ball, they are more likely to win. I think they’ll do it in Game 6 when their livelihood is on the line, which means the Warriors won’t be able to go offensively. Jason Tatum will put together everything in his power to change the narrative of his first Finals appearance, so I expect him to be productive and effective. Let’s move on to game 7. Pick: Celtics -3.5 | Celtics 114, Warriors 103

Jasmine WimbishA: Before the start of the series, I chose the Warriors to win in seven games, and I’m sticking with it. While I fully expect Steph Curry to bounce back from his uncharacteristic performance, I also think the Celtics will bounce back from consecutive losses. Jason Tatum said after Game 5 that the Celtics are really hard to beat when they don’t flip the ball and easy to beat when they do. While this may be a simplistic explanation of Boston’s performance in Games 4 and 5, Tatum is right. In the Celtics’ three losses this series, they average 17 turnovers per game, compared to 12 in two wins. If the Celtics cut down on mental errors, which often results in losses, they will win this game. Pick: Celtics -3.5 | Celtics 116, Warriors 105

Michael Caskey-BlomainA: I picked the Warriors in Game 7 at the start of the series, so I’m going to stick with that, although at this point I’m not particularly happy with Boston’s chances of extending the streak to Game 7. The Celtics held Steph Curry pointless from long range in Game 5 and they still couldn’t walk away with a win. This does not bode well for them, as Curry is unlikely to have two consecutive bad basketball performances. If the Celtics are going to extend the streak, they will need to take care of basketball in Game 6. They had 18 turnovers that led to 22 points for Golden State in Game 5 and it just won’t happen. If the Celtics can limit those losses, as well as get a great game from Jason Tatum, who has yet to score 30 points in a game in the Finals, then maybe they’ll live to fight another day. Pick: Celtics -3.5 | Celtics 108, Warriors 100

Sam Quinn: I agree with the theory that Stephen Curry almost never has bad shots in a row, and the round-by-round stats that he made more than 52% of his shots in games immediately after exits in which he failed to score a three-pointer confirm this. If Curry even remotely resembles himself in Game 6, it’s just hard for me to pick the Celtics to win because in the last two games they just couldn’t score. The Celtics averaged just 98.5 points per 100 possessions — and just 82.1 points per 100 half-court games — despite shooting over 37 percent of three in their last two games. It’s simple. Neither team can score effectively. Golden State has Curry. Boston is not. Like Steve Kerr, I expect the Warriors to finish this in Boston. Choice: Warriors +3.5 | Warriors 105, Celtics 99

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