‘Bridgerton’ season 3 on Netflix: Dj-Jean Page in talks to return, fans ‘secretly hope it’s true’

Fans have fallen in love with the popular drama series Bridgerton. After all, who doesn’t love period drama with a fresh take on romance, love, and relationships mixed in with a bit of Gossip Girl. Viewers especially fell in love with the love story of Simon (Director-Jean Paige) and Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor), which became the main storyline of the first season, streaming on Netflix.

The exciting news for fans is that talks have recently taken place between the creators of Bridgerton and Rare-Jean Page. This may be an indirect hint that perhaps Paige will return in the third season of Bridgerton.


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According to Sunit’s possible that perhaps Page will return to reprise her role as the Duke of Hastings in a third season that will mainly focus on the life of secret writer Penelope Featherington.

One source told the Sun in a quote: “Director-Jean has always been open about his intention to leave the show after the first season and move on to other projects. But recently there was a dialogue between him and the bosses of the show. Nothing has been officially agreed yet, but keep an eye on this space. Everything is up in the air at the moment, but this will no doubt be an exciting year for Rege.”

As soon as the news broke on social media, fans went wild and began to have mixed reactions to the same thing on Twitter.

“HE IS BETTER,” wrote a fan. “He’s better, Daphne and her husband need to be closer,” the user wrote. “I secretly hope it’s true.” Though it probably won’t happen or it won’t be like the books. But I like his relationship with Pauline. As he and LD start cheering for Pen. How he helps his nephew (Paulin’s son) in the epilogue of I Can Dream #Bridgerton,” added another fan. “I liked all the epilogue scenes the most. For example, when Pauline is worried that their son is not talking and Simon has letters from his father that he has opened, and although it may hurt him, he opens them because he thinks there is a chance that there might be something something that will help his nephew,” said the fan. ‘YASS OMG!!!! Saphne Stans we are moving,” said a fan. “Better not play with me,” wrote a fan. – He will not. He thought he was too good for a supporting role (until he realized that the show was a success without him), now he can fuck right now, ”added another fan. “Coming back to save the show. Knew this was coming after Phoebe’s PR photos, considering how he ignored them all for a year,” the fan said.

This becomes clear after Page openly admitted to how Bridgerton fans criticized him when he was cast as the duke.

In an interview with Diversity dated May 2021, Page spoke of the backlash he received and further said, “I’m going to give a special shout out to the Brazilian fans of the book because they supported me before anyone else. When everyone else was still passive-aggressively entangled because I didn’t have blue eyes, the Brazilians were by my side.”

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter dated May 2021, creator Shonda Rhimes blabbed that it would be impossible to include Paige in the series if they followed the book, shared, “I was just excited about the idea of ​​telling a full romance story that has an ending where you won’t find 14 other reasons why the couple can’t be together, or frankly, the fact that Lesser is in the background of someone’s romance.

Netflix CEO Bela Bajaria also added, “These books really dictated what we did, and we want talent to have an amazing experience and tell a story that they tell authentically, not, ‘Oh, you can just come here and do it. it’s small.” thing?”.

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