Bradley Beal “The Future Decides”; Can the Mavs become an NBA free agent?

If you are religious Reader, you’ve seen Bradley Beal’s name come up quite a bit over the past few years. Behind these pipe dreams, there was always the same motivation – an attempt to find a way to add a real second superstar next to Luka Doncic. However, will Beal ever really be available?

The Washington Wizards superstar is once again the subject of speculation as he is set to become an unrestricted free agent when free agency kicks in at the end of June. Beal, who has always denied rumors about trading and free will, has a big decision to make. He can either stay in Washington and make as much money as possible, or he can explore his options and try to join the opposition in hopes of winning a championship.

According to AthleticBeal has already made a decision about his future in the NBA, but is refusing to give details right now out of deference to the fact that he is still under contract with the Wizards. This begs the question: if Beal planned to stay in Washington, what difference does it make whether he has a contract or not?

Ideally, Beal would like to stay where he is and also win big, but that scenario may not be up to him. Beal is a great player, but he’s probably not the best option to lead a team to consistent playoff success, let alone a title. And the Wizards have no way of adding a better player to their current roster than Beal.

The Mavs would certainly like to add a talent like Beal alongside Doncic, if at all possible. Despite a number of salary cap issues, the most important thing when it comes to hiring a free agent is getting him to say yes in the first place. If that happens, then general manager Nico Harrison and the Mavs salary cap experts will be able to formulate a plan to make it work.

“I really think that players are drawn to the culture. Who is a coach? How does he treat players? Will they let me play? Ben and Skin Show.

“I always try to explain to people that culture is not what you write on boards, it’s how people feel when they watch you do what you do. I think people watch us play and they can say, “I want to be a part of it.” For me, that’s culture.”

Is the culture strong enough in Dallas to make the Mavs real players for top free agents after years of disappointment? The new front office definitely thinks so.

“It’s safe to say that,” Harrison said when asked if some of the league’s best players want to be part of what the Mavs are building.

“I came here thinking that Dallas is where the best talent wants to go, and I believe that what Jason [Kidd] created from the point of view of culture, so it was and will be.

Whether Beal is that guy or not, we’ll be monitoring this situation closely over the next few weeks. One thing we’ve learned about Harrison in just one year is that he’s not shy about shaking things up. If a good opportunity presents itself, the Mavs won’t spend much time on it.

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