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Harry and Meghan have signed on for a Netflix show rumored to be worth over $100 million. But after hearing the storm of applause and applause for their highly anticipated Platinum Jubilee appearance, their new showbiz bosses will have some killer questions for them, according to a Royal commentator. users criticized the chain’s management for being shortsighted, saying that Harry and Meghan’s disapproval would have been obvious “if they had listened”.

User Tada said: “The truth is they never had anything to sell.

“They are preaching to the world that you need to live green, and a low carbon footprint is a joke. They have a huge carbon footprint and planes fly everywhere.”

The couple faced criticism after they returned to California in a private jet that had more than ten times the recommended carbon emissions in a single trip in a year.

ShazzaBee added, “The booing shouldn’t come as a surprise to Netflix if they were listening.

“If Netflix didn’t know this before, they must have already known that their investment in Meghan and Harry is a very loss-making investment.

“Netflix would do the right thing if they just cut their losses now.”

TamtheScot claimed that resentment of the royal family was a key reason for the mixed reception: “They were booed because they offended our queen, a woman who has served our country for over 70 years, disgraceful behaviour.”

Meanwhile, Sirius308 said, “I think I know why they were booed. A lot of people don’t like them.”

Royal expert Neil Schon said the hostile reaction to the couple would come as a “big shock”.

Speaking on his YouTube channel this morning, the royal commentator said bosses at companies at Netflix, Spotify and Penguin Random House that have deals with the Sussexes want answers on the backlash.

He explained: “As members of the royal family, you are used to being warmly received at events, and any protests or unwanted reactions are controlled by the police.

“But being celebrities, you can’t control the crowd.

“And this is what happened when Harry and Meghan lit up outside St. Paul’s Cathedral as part of a thanksgiving service.

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“When they got back to the States, they were worried about your perception, especially to the bosses of the companies at Netflix, Spotify and Penguin Random House, and they had to explain exactly where these exclamations came from.”

Mr Sean continued: “The Harry and Meghan team needs to explain to people why they were booed.

“According to a very good source, this unwanted reaction came as a very big shock to Harry and Meghan.

“They found that they were not as loved as they thought they were.

“That’s not to say they don’t have fans in the UK, they do, but now, after their candid comments, the situation is mixed.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were recently found to have hit a new popularity low, according to a YouGov poll of 1,692 adults in May.

Only 32 percent see Harry in a positive light, compared to 58 percent who see him in a negative light.

Meghan Markle’s net favor has also fallen from -39 to -42.

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