Ashito’s biggest ultimatum could decide his future in football

ATTENTION! The following are spoilers for Aoashi Episode 10 “No Compromise” currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

Ashito’s experience in Esperion so far in Aoashi seems to be just one problem after another. He was harassed by Akutsu, ignored by his teammates for being clearly bad at football, and overheard his coach saying that he would never turn pro. When things go well for him, something almost always goes wrong.

At the end of the intra-team game during their last training session, Asari and Kuroda got mad at Ashito for reasons the latter doesn’t understand. It has something to do with the bad game they were trying to make together. Kuroda and Asari assumed that Ashito would understand what they wanted to do without their direct instructions, but they were wrong. It’s likely that Ashito completely misunderstood what they were trying to do when they involved him in their covert tactics, causing them to get angry.

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Nozomi gave Ashito a new assignment at the end of episode 9: find out why Asari and Kuroda are mad at him. Episode 10 of Aoashi mainly focuses on Ashito struggling to do just that. He decides to spend the team’s only day off training by himself until Hana shows up at his door and they spend the day together. However, Ashito is still distracted because he can’t stop thinking about his assignment from Nozomi and the huge skill gap between him and his teammates.

Despite his efforts, Ashito cannot understand why Asari and Kuroda are mad at him. School starts the next day and all three are in the same class. Yuma advises Ashito not to delay this issue as Team B will start playing competitive matches soon. This came as a surprise to Ashito, who apparently assumed that only the A-team could play in the league.

After hearing about competitive matches, Ashito decides to confront Asari and Kuroda directly in order to solve their problems once and for all. He tells them that he doesn’t know what they’re thinking until they tell him directly, so he’ll just tell them what he was thinking during the game and deal with it. Ironically, the fact that Ashito couldn’t immediately tell what they were thinking is the root of the problem. Of course, he still doesn’t understand this, so he continues to explain what he was thinking in front of the whole class.

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Ashito explains what he was thinking at the time and, prompted by Kuroda, also sorts out a few other ideas he had. It all had something in common that clearly annoyed Asari, and it’s easy to see why. Ashito’s every idea ends with him scoring a goal. Asari angrily tells Ashito that he needs to stop obsessing about scoring a goal. In turn, Ashito claims that the striker is finished when he stops thinking about scoring a goal. This is actually a great moment, as a striker’s job on the pitch is literally to score goals.

Asari tells Ashito that he doesn’t understand how he managed to get into the youth team. That’s when he reveals more why he’s angry and proves that it’s not just about what happened in that game. He goes on to express his anger at his youth teammates who didn’t make the youth team because Ashito “stole” their places. Otomo is frustrated by this and tells Asari that he and Ashito had to jump through hoops at tryouts, putting their careers on the line to get on the team. He wouldn’t stand by and let Asari undermine that.

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Elsewhere, Nozomi and Fukuda discuss the problems of the players, including the problems they face. Nozomi wonders if it would be better to give the players, especially Ashito, more direct advice. He is clearly worried about whether Ashito can solve his problems on his own. Fukuda, on the other hand, is not. He is confident in his methods and Ashito’s ability to figure things out on his own, even if it takes a while.

When Nozomi confronts Ashito at the end of episode 10, he informs him that he will be a starter next week. This completely surprises Ashito, who is still pondering over Asari’s earlier words. However, this is not all good news, because we are talking about an ultimatum. During the next week’s game, Ashito will have to play a game to prove that he has completed the task Nozomi gave him. If he fails to do so, he will not be allowed to play in the match for the next three months. Rates for Aoashithe fiery protagonist had just risen sharply.

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