Anna Delvey explains how she’s dropping her ‘fraudster’ image after Netflix reinvented Anna

Anna Delvey may have been well-known in some New York circles over the past decade, but she rose to national and international prominence this year after her story was told in the Netflix series Inventing Anna. Delvi (real name Anna Sorokina, alias the fake German heiress) served four years in prison after being found guilty of theft and other crimes. But even when she’s stuck in an ICE detention facility fighting deportationshe is working on her next project, saying she hopes to move on from the “con artist” image she has acquired.

Topic Shonda Rhimes Netflix series released a collection of NFTs she called “Reinventing Anna”. The title is obviously inspired by the show, which starred Julia Garner as a fake socialite who lied about having a $60 million trust fund to swindle hundreds of thousands of dollars from banks and her friends. NBC News reports that Anna’s access card can be purchased with cryptocurrency and unlocks features including exclusive live streams or one-on-one phone calls with Anna Delvey. She said she hoped to overcome the reputation she had in her 20s and through Inventing Anna:

Hopefully I’ll be given a chance to put all my energy into something legal. I would like people to have the opportunity to not just fire me as a fraud, but just see what I’m going to do next.

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