Andre Iguodala talks about heat culture after NBA championship win

Andre Iguodala


Andre Iguodala #28 of the Miami Heat reacts during the first half against the Los Angeles Lakers

Andre Iguodala was a valued member Miami Heat last season as a veteran forward and mentor in the organization. With the Heat, he averaged about 5 points per game and grabbed nearly 4 rebounds in a season and a half with Miami. However, his influence extended beyond that. Iguodala’s presence was huge as the Heat battled it out in the playoffs only to lose to the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA bubble. But after just a season and a half in Miami, Iguodala decided to return to his former team, the Golden State Warriors.

Now with the Golden State Warriors, Iguodala won his fourth NBA title in the NBA Finals series against the Boston Celtics. The forward was instrumental in the Warriors’ championship runs and even won the NBA Finals MVP award in 2015. While Iggy’s impact was different in 2022, it was still felt in the Warriors’ unlikely championship run. Iguodala has been an important mentor in the Dubs dressing room, helping out the likes of Gary Payton II, Jonathan Cuminga, Jordan Poole and more.

In a recent appearance, Iguodala made teammate Draymond Green’s podcast:The Draymond Green ShowGreen said of his role as a mentor to this year’s team.

Iguodala’s comments on thermal culture

Iguodala credits his time at the Miami Heat with helping him make that leap in how he mentored the Warriors’ young players upon his return to the Bay.

“I’m going to Miami and getting to know the culture of the Miami Heat,” Iguodala said. “It really helped me come back and accept my role. I knew I could still be influential.”

After Iggy’s comments on Green’s podcast were tweeted, former Heat coach and current NBA analyst Stan Van Gundy commented, saying “he (Iguodala) is the Warriors version of Udonis Haslem.”

It’s a good comparison, and Iguodala likely learned it from Miami’s older statesman in Udonis Haslem. It also proves why Haslem has a place at the Heat for as long as he wants to, and that Haslem has more of an impact as a player-coach or mentor than as a coach.

Difference between heat culture and warrior culture

Earlier this season, Iguodala discussed the difference between the culture of the Warriors franchise and the Heat franchise.

“Our environment is a bit more relaxed,” Iguodala explained. “It has a certain hippie vibe to it, go at your own pace, go as you please. Miami is sort of straight and narrow, everything is in order. I could see weaknesses in both. Because both have had great success – Pat Riley is probably one of the most successful players/coaches/grandmasters in NBA history. He did it on every level. Here we had success, and here I saw some shortcomings. Being in these two places, I tried to step back and appreciate the value on both sides,” Iguodala said on “The Draymond Green Show.’ “When I was there, I saw some of the things that we did with the Warriors that I could pass on to some players on the team – some guys might not be as mentally strong at a young age, push them and force them to open up. a little.”

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