Alchemy of Souls Season 1 Episode 1 Summary


A strong opener with lots of world building and impressive action.

This synopsis of the 1st episode of the 1st episode of the Netflix Korean drama “Alchemy of Souls” contains spoilers.

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Soul Alchemy Season 1, episode 1 summary

We start with a woman walking through a village, doing her best to avoid eye contact with those passing by. In doing so, she finds a poor family and decides to feed them, an act of kindness that turns out to be a mistake when the woman’s soul-altering son tries to kill them. The process soon comes to a halt due to the sudden appearance of the warrior Chan Gan, who is preparing to return the person’s soul with the help of magic, despite some sincere pleas. Then, as the monster begins to use its mother’s energy, a sword is thrown, abruptly ending the conflict.

After disposing of the soul werewolf’s body that has turned to stone, Geon explains why these monsters end up doing what they do before heading to the palace to discuss the new spell he’s learning in front of the dying king. The royal man wants an heir and suggests that the “alchemy of souls” might live inside the younger body, thus fulfilling his request that someone could take his place. And despite some concern over the fact that such sorcery is forbidden and can lead to a clash, which means the formation of an evil spirit, the two eventually agree to switch bodies for seven days. After the switch, the king romantically pursues Do-hwa while in Chang Gang’s body, knowing that any child that could potentially be born from this encounter would technically be his.

Next, we are told about the history of Daeho, a country built around Gyeongcheongdaeho Lake, which embodies a “massive” amount of energy created from the sky. People who could control this energy were called magicians, and the place itself is not in “history books or maps.” It’s been 20 years since the beginning of the episode, and we’re watching a “Shadow Assassin” who kills mages and successfully fights a small army, using a huge amount of energy to control the territory in which they live. That was before their leader, Park Jin. , engages himself, and a worthy adversary does just enough to force the target to flee the situation. Naturally, the killer is then hunted down, but the sword-wielding cohort pursuing her can do nothing but a light challenge.

As a result of the situation, the “Shadow Assassin” attempts to force her soul to leave her current body and enter a new one. And while we know the first half was successful, it remains a mystery if her soul managed to find a new home. After that, we are taken to Song-rim, where Seo Yul enters to inspect the blue mark on the body of Naksoo, who is presumed dead. The young man chooses to obsess over the whistle he finds on her, evoking the feeling that even though the man was the killer, she must have had a story of her own. Outside, Park Jin discusses the situation surrounding the return of the soul werewolf and how it could lead to many deaths, just like the previous ones.

However, the charismatic Park Dan-gu is happy to talk about this villain, even if it irritates his uncle, who thinks he should practice spells rather than hang around bars listening to rumors. However, there is some interesting information shared by the screamer as Wook, Chang Gang’s trainee, decided to finish his studies at the Buddhist temple himself despite being destined to stay there for three years. The cheeky trainee believes that he has done all he needs to do and that his mentor never intended to teach him spells, so he leaves with his master seething with rage. “I will find my master,” he says, just as we discover Naxoo’s soul has ended up in Mu-dok, a girl who was originally blind but can now see.

Getting familiar with her new body, Naxoo struggles to adjust to the moment she admits that she will have to temporarily remain a rather timid Mu-dok who has just been sold to a brothel. However, she quickly tries to backtrack on her words to no avail, lamenting the lack of strength she now has when she wants to break a colleague’s arm. Fortunately, this colleague has some information about the “four seasons” of Daeho Fortress, about people who are considered beautiful. There is a daughter of the Jin family who has the “life force of spring”, Jo Young. There is a Pak family heir who possesses “hot summer energy”, Pak Dan-gu. There is “the genius of the Seo family, noble as an autumn sunset”, Seo Yul. And then there’s Chang Wook, the successor to the Chan family, who is “dazzling like winter snow.” Together they form part of the most famous mage families.

With all this in mind, Naxu vows that it will be the end when she meets these four seasons, hoping that they meet their deaths as “beautifully” as their names. At the same time, Dangu arrives on the scene to find someone, and this simple task leads him straight to Chang Wook. Here we learn that the reckless man’s lack of spells is due to his father blocking any training, which annoys the youth who wants to be able to at least break the crab’s shell. Naxoo is busy scheming during this conversation, believing it’s easier for the blind to fool people, but is soon wrong when her colleague stumbles upon her without her bandages. Therefore, instructions are given for her to be sought out, which leads to the killer escaping again.

During the escape, the trickster runs into Jang Wook, who confronts her before discussing her identity as Moo Deok. There, Naxu threatens to behead the Jang family’s successor, but is embarrassed when her eyes are praised. Following this, and with a gift that she parted with on the way out, the embarrassed killer runs away. Following this, the art of swordsmanship known as Tansu is explained, leading to Jang Wook contemplating who the woman he believes to be Moo Deok is.

When we discover that Naxoo used to be involved with Seo Yul, she looks depressed. Meanwhile, the two men discuss her supposed death together, acknowledging that they must take the assassin’s body and sword. One of these couples is her coach, who states that it is a pity that her fate turned out the way it did. Soon, however, we returned to Nux as she came to terms with the fact that she was brought to Chang Wook’s house after being caught as a thief due to his ruse. She is now a maid who is expected to serve the man who is nicknamed “Young Master” in addition to constantly smiling.

While pretending to be grateful, indebted to a servant, Naxoo is tested by Jang Wook, who seems very eager to see if he can find any clues about her true identity. At first it’s about improving the flow of water from drinking to the laundry bucket, to the perfect bath, but even when it extends to food and bedding, it’s all useless. Naxoo endures her trials, making sure her mask doesn’t come off due to her desire for revenge. However, it helps that she has lost her power.

At night, Naxoo knows that her path to regaining her powers is through Chang Wook’s ghost board, so she privately voices her desire to take it. Elsewhere, Park Jin discusses that Naxoo’s dead body should stay where it is for now, as if the soul has managed to find its way to a new body (which it has), then that would mean it would have to return. for her sword. During this scene, we also see a detailed backstory for Jang Wook’s lack of spell learning, centered around Park Jin using the fact that he can’t open his father’s sword as the reason he can’t open his energy gates. “I will find someone myself. Then I will pull out this sword and break it in half,” the young man says, wanting to find a new owner.

As Chang Wook reflects on his life, Naxoo allows herself to think about the person she serves for a moment before setting out to find the Spirit Tablet. However, the search was unsuccessful, as soon the young gentleman heads to the room and finds a woman in his bed. However, the only excuse she can come up with is that she’s trying to warm the bed, a statement that elicits joking agreement from Jang Wook, who claims he just wanted the brazier closer when a degree of shyness arises. . Meanwhile, Seo Yul discusses with Dangu the whistle he found on the corpse, which allows us to discover that he remembers everything from that part of his life.

The ending

In the bedroom, Naxoo steals the spiritual tablet from Chang Wook while he is sleeping. As it turns out, the young master was faking it, but he doesn’t seem to be interested in chasing the killer as she heads for her sword. When all this happens, the assassins from the earlier period strike at Songgrim, leading to a fierce battle between them and the couple Seo Yul and Dan Gu. Afterwards, they have little time to consider the consequences as the duo discover the training facility is on fire so they rush there. However, Park Jin realizes this, realizing that an opportunity has been created for Naxoo to strike, and this realization is confirmed shortly after.

After discovering why the assassins showed up (which was supposed to take the body), Nux soon has to run again when she makes a noise that Seo Yul warns. At the very last moment, Chang Wook appears, ready to help her, making the unexpected discovery that as soon as he saw her, he realized that Naxoo was his master. When the two look into each other’s eyes, the episode ends.

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