After the final season of The Manifesto hit Netflix, another Lost-style thriller is heading to stream with Gina Rodriguez

Even though it’s been 18 years since Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse Lost After six seasons, this web drama that has ended its mystery streak will probably never stop being compared every time a new TV project reveals a high-concept reality-bending storyline, especially if the plot’s mysterious circumstances involve an airplane. . (La Brea at least admitted it with a literal Lost References.) An NBC thriller turned Netflix. Manifesto certainly was proof of this, and after upcoming final season come and go, streaming viewers can look forward to Gina Rodriguez appearing in a similarly difficult situation for a new project. Last known position.

Amazon Studios solidifies its plans for Prime Video as the future home for Last known positionaccording to Term, so viewers should be able to easily find him even if his center plane can’t. Gina Rodriguez is set to take on both the lead role as lead actress and a behind-the-scenes role as executive producer, which is understandable since she was also a major part of the source material.

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