According to Reddit, the top rated TV shows that people actually didn’t like

Fans are looking forward to the release of the fourth season of the series. You on Netflix, which is scheduled for late 2022 or even early 2023. The first three seasons were huge hits on Netflix, but You it’s one of those successful, highly rated shows that isn’t for everyone.

Some shows rank surprisingly high on fan voting sites like IMDb, but in some cases, fans have high expectations and end up underwhelmed when a show doesn’t quite live up to it. And again, sometimes viewers just pick a show they don’t like and end up not liking it. But one thing is for sure – every series has its own critic. Even the highest rated ones.


Money robbery (8.2)

Image of Tokyo in red overalls in Money Heist.

Reddit user IMIALESSO says: “Money robbery. It’s just a big budget soap opera and nasty characters. Plus there are so many plot holes and I didn’t see any reason to do seasons 3 and 4.” However, it was the complex and engaging characters that made this show an international success.

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In some ways, this user is right – the series are almost always the best in the first and second season, which is interesting, because in theory this is the time when they are just gaining their footing. But there’s something so organic about the first season. money robberyno wonder it drew the public in.

Riverdale (6.7)

'Riverdale' season 6 cast looks at Percival

This is not surprising, because riverdale went downhill for a while, and his IMDb rating seems to reflect this. But that’s still too much for a Reddit user. PerfectionistReader: “Riverdale, I mean I’m in season 1 but that’s ok, I just can’t muster the enthusiasm to watch more episodes, it’s not that great.”

As good as the series seemed to be in its first season with the murder mystery aspect, that’s where it ended. It also might not impress some viewers who were expecting more due to all the hype.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (8.4)

Split image of smiling Amy and Jake and serious Captain Holt on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine was a popular sitcom—so popular that when Fox decided to cancel it, the fan outcry was enough to convince NBC to give it two more seasons. redditor Zox41b disagrees, arguing that “humor is unpleasant and unfunny”.

It’s interesting because all sitcoms seem to have some level of cringe, and maybe it’s just a matter of finding the right cringe for each person. Found tons of viewers B99 funny, but there is definitely some truth in their opinion.

Friends (8.9)

Phoebe Chandler, Joey and Monica in the living room on Friends

It almost seems like a crime to consider Friends overrated, but a lot of people don’t really like this show, and with good reason. Many people who grew up on this show and consider it their solace know that the show is problematic at times, but it’s definitely funny.

However, this redditor not sure: “The only thing I like about this show is Joey, Chandler and Ross, but not as much as the other two. Monica is tolerant, but I don’t like Rachel and Phoebe. It has some funny moments, I’ll give that, but nothing too outstanding.”

Game of Thrones (9.2)

This is another show that appears several times in the thread. Reddit user Gianna could not get past the beginning: “I watched the first season (except for the last episode), and it seemed strange and confusing to me. Although I do love fantasy and all that, but that hasn’t really come into play yet, I guess.”

Game of Thrones this is a show that is very confusing and hard to follow. So many complexities and nuances, this is a real exercise for the brain. The plot is also not for everyone, but Game of Thrones inspired many with its uniqueness and captivated fans to watch to the end. Even if they were very disappointed.

NCIS (7.8)

NCIS season 19 Gibbs latest episode returns as

maritime police is one of the most popular shows on television. With a rating of almost 8 on IMDb, it’s also a pretty highly rated procedural film. Though Redditor clutch fluid admits that it is “inexplicably the most popular show on the planet”, they can’t help but find it “absolute rubbish”.

It’s not hard to see that this Redditor is right, because while NCIS is not a bad series, it has also done nothing to earn the accolades it seems to have, and there isn’t much to distinguish it from the regular routines that fill TV screens.

Breaking Bad (9.5)

Walter White stands in the desert in Breaking Bad.

This is another amazing but many viewers didn’t like it Breaking Bad. Reddit user zombie mockingbird says they couldn’t make it to the end of season 2, claiming they “loved the idea, but just didn’t like any of the characters or the way it was done”.

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But just as many people who have criticized this show have defended it and called it a masterpiece, it’s also clear that it won some people over. It had memorable flawed characters that showed off all their layers, but it eventually got boring and didn’t impress some people.

You (7.7)

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg -

Penn Badgley himself is promoting that Joe is not a good person, so why is everyone so crazy about him? redditor honestly idk2000 wonders why: “Hmm, maybe I’m too innocent to enjoy this sort of thing, but I just can’t understand why girls find Joe hot. This guy is sick and a bastard. I just can’t believe that people are romanticizing it.”

You it’s a really twisted series with a terrifying plot and a creepy anti-hero. However, it’s entirely possible that many viewers aren’t romanticizing or condoning Joe’s actions, but simply enjoying the complex, memorable storyline, complemented by the inner workings of a stalker killer. Plus, it’s one of the best series about serial killers and people are known to be drawn to them.

Killing Eve (8.2)

Killing Eve

People are inexplicably drawn to villains, but the idea of ​​an unapologetic female villain is a bit of a fresh idea and fans have jumped on the idea. Killing Eve (maybe too enthusiastic). Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer were fantastic and put on some of their best performances. But not all fans bought it.

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“I just couldn’t get through it. I found it incredibly tedious and didn’t like any of the characters,” says Redditor. pineapples. The show was really weird to say the least and the beginning was a bit slow which made it hard for some people to get into it.

How I Met Your Mother (8.3)

HIMYM Ted and Barney

Reddit user No_Cardiologist_9440 did not like How I Met your mother. “The characters in HIMYM were so bland. I couldn’t stand them. They were boring and very unpleasant. If I had friends like that, I would probably have to take drugs.”

This is often true in sitcoms due to the way they use stereotypes for their characters, which can seem exaggerated if not done carefully. However, Barney can hardly be called boring. But no defense of the show is enough, because even the fan who liked it must have found the ending. How I Met your mother Horrible.

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