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    Peter Johnleith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

    The Philadelphia 76ers are on the cusp of an NBA championship, but they’re still waiting for their breakthrough.

    It’s hard to imagine the transformation happening during Thursday’s draft as the 66ers have the 23rd pick and nothing else. However, Philadelphia’s sole focus should be on closing the gap to the Association’s elite, and turning this player into a rotational player could be extremely beneficial in that regard.

    To get an idea of ​​who might end up in Philadelphia, we’ll take a look at three recent expert layouts.

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    Philadelphia has enough talent on the roster to make a big hit if they want to.

    Bleacher Report’s Jonathan Wasserman thinks the 66ers will go that route with Hardy, who was ranked as one of the top three prospects in this draft last summer.

    Clearly things didn’t go well last season as he struggled a lot with decision making and shot selection. However, he has everything he needs to create a throw in his bag, as well as an incendiary triball and the ability to make a pick and roll.

    It’s a fence swing, but if they connect, it could be a home run.

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    Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

    The thought of what Wesley might eventually become is intoxicating. Tempting enough that the Ringer Kevin O’Connor thinks Philadelphia might roll the dice at him.

    “A raw player with high potential like Wesley would have a wide following,” O’Connor wrote. “If the Sixers keep [this pick]The swing could pay off as they won’t have the No. 1 seed until 2024, after the Nets delayed this year’s pick to pick Philadelphia in 2023 instead.”

    Wesley lacks polish, as evidenced by his disappointing 40.4/30.3/65.7 shooting and the fact that he nearly matched his 2.4 assists on 2.2 turnovers. However, if the 66ers are patient with his development, the reward could be huge in the long run.

    He could create space inside the elevator and unbalance the defense with dribbling and speed changes. If you squint, you can see that he becomes both an offside threat and a major playmaker at the same time. His defense is ready to do their part right now, and the same goes for his completion of the transfer.

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    Peter Johnleith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

    If the Sixers balance their budget with the Tobias Harris trade this offseason, they’ll need to find a new power forward. Jeremy Wu thinks Eason could fill that void.

    “Eason would be a pretty interesting option here given his analyst-friendly play and his potential as a big, agile defender,” Wu wrote. “… Eason’s basketball IQ is a little suspicious, he’s prone to fouls and shoots average, but if he can iron out those issues, he can help the team.”

    Eason could have been an immediate success with his energy, athleticism, and finish on the open floor, but Philadelphia hoped he could continue to use his intriguing offensive skills. There are high-level flares and perimeter shooting that could raise his ceiling several stories if he ever made full use of them.

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