7 worst Netflix series with the best characters

Not every Netflix creation is a success. In order for the streaming giant to please its diverse fan base, individual products are often targeted at a particular group. In addition, due to the huge amount of content created, some series fail. Other shows are unmemorable or cannot compete with new and innovative content. On the other hand, some productions are liked by the critics and hated by the fans, and vice versa.

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However, viewers often get frustrated with the worst shows getting canceled because of the connection they made with the main character. Many factors make leading roles impressive. Even if the main characters are deeply flawed, they can serve as portrayals of social problems. Great protagonists don’t always seem likeable or intriguing, but fans learn to relate to these characters as they develop.

7 The chip sheds light on an important issue

flaky follows Chip as he struggles to hide his substance abuse. However, to make up for his discomfort, he can appear overconfident and annoy people. The irrational following of a grown man alienated some viewers, who found the storyline to be slow and superficial.

Although Chip lacks maturity and has many flaws, his character is appreciated by fans for his authenticity. Although Chip knew he had a drinking problem, he hinted to himself that he was keeping it under control. However, when he finds himself hiding the bottles and surreptitiously drinking, Chip seeks help before falling back into a vicious cycle. Not only is Chip’s character well developed, he also introduces and discusses substance abuse.

6 Luther tries to save his family and the world (V Wars)

5th war focuses on a dystopian world where climate change causes an infectious agent to melt. This disease is then transmitted through the environment, turning people into zombies. Unlike the previous image of Ian Somerhalder in The Vampire Diariesthese supernatural beings are scarier and more science fiction based.

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In this series, Somerhalder plays Dr. Luther Swan, a scientist and father. He tries to protect his son by working with his best friend to stop the spread. Despite being a hero, Luther always thinks he should do more and never takes a break.

5 Ruth brings depth to a production full of tropes (scattered)

Reviewers found what Scattered was too timid to explore the implications of marijuana legalization. While he tried to bring a new and fresh perspective, he returned to the comfort of stereotypes. Also, while the ensemble has an intriguing backstory, they are never explored in detail.

There are many reasons why fans have kept watching the sitcom despite its flaws, namely the charismatic protagonist. Ruth was a passionate activist who lived life to the fullest. Despite her upbringing, she continued to stand up for her cause until she became the owner of the dispensary. Ruth’s flaws gave her depth and made her more authentic.

four Joey Supports His Family Even If It Means Retirement (All About The Washingtons)

All about Washington it’s a forgettable comedy that, for better or worse, sticks to the tried and true nature of family sitcoms. The lack of innovation did not impress viewers. Even the characters were too positive and likable to be authentic.

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When Joey, a famous hip-hop artist, retires to spend more time with his family, he is shocked at how much he has missed out on for his children. The protagonist serves as a commentary on how raising children has traditionally been part of motherhood. This often leads to a rift between father and children. Despite a rocky start, Joey is increasingly invested in his children’s hobbies and interests. He is protective of his children and gives his wife time off to pursue her own career.

3 Tony was caring and nice (Good cop)

Due to the abundance of police procedures, it is difficult to make a significant impact. good cop lurks in the shadows of the more unusual crime shows as it didn’t contribute much to the genre. It was predictable due to its formulaic nature.

However, Tony Jr. was a great detective and person. He had to grow up with a reputation as a corrupt father. As a result, he strictly adhered to the rules and was passionate about his work. Tony was likeable and friendly, always trying to get along with his friends and colleagues.

2 Chelsea are starting to take a different perspective

Pretty smart was not well received by critics, leading to the show’s cancellation. Reviewers found that the series relied heavily on character portrayals to generate laughs. Subsequently, reliance on stereotypes made it difficult for characters to have depth. However, the protagonist, Chelsea, showed growth throughout the season.

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Initially, Chelsea was not well liked due to her condescending nature. However, as the show goes on, viewers begin to see that her upbringing has shaped her views. Chelsea is actually a clumsy and caring person trying to find his place. Gradually, she begins to become more open towards her roommates. She soon learns that there are different worldviews, and her point of view is not the only correct one.

one Matt is trying his best to be accepted into the Emmy family (Happy Merry Whatever)

In spite of Merry happiness With a great cast and a funny storyline, it received a low rating. Many viewers thought the sitcom was too dependent on emulating the success of outdated shows in the genre. In addition, the series was considered predictable due to its excessive amount of jokes.

There is no denying that the characters were likable as they explored family and mother-in-law dynamics. Matt is flying with his girlfriend Emmy to her hometown. From the first moment Emmy’s dad sees Matt, he criticizes and judges him. Despite the obstacles her traditional family puts in his way, Matt continues to be friendly and respectful. He helps Emmy’s family and relatives with personal problems.

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