6 of the best gaming news from Netflix Geeked Week, according to Reddit

While there will be no presentation again this year at E3, presentations such as Xbox + Bethesda, PlayStation State of Play, and even Netflix’s second week of Geeked have helped fill the void in the gaming space. While previous shows have, as expected, focused on this medium, Geeked Week has indeed provided some particularly interesting updates on video game adaptations.

Reddit fans commented on their favorite announcements, with Netflix’s animated offerings being the most enthusiastic. Given the success of such Castlevania, Mystical, DOTA: Dragon’s Bloodand more, Netflix has proven that animation is best suited for game adaptations.

Castlevania: Nocturne

Richter Belmont in Castlevania: Nocturne

Even if the intellectual property owner and publisher Konami have neglected their favorite franchise, Castlevania has recently achieved notable success on Netflix. Powerhouse Animation Studios has brought ingenuity to this rich dark fantasy world that is at the same time true to the essence of video games. After the 4th season of the original series concluded last year, the announcement followed that Castlevania: Nocturne will be its continuation after the exploits of Richter Belmont against the backdrop of the French Revolution.

In terms of animation, this may have been one of the biggest reveals on the Netflix Geeked Week television front, providing a sneak peek at the new protagonist. redditor dagrinman18 was delighted with Richter’s inspired design and exclaimed, “Let’s go! [Rondo of Blood] as well as [Symphony of the Night] make sense. Gives enough time after Trevor and can allow them to make some adjustments if needed.”

DOTA: Blood of Dragons Season 3

A shot of Mirana aiming her bow and arrow in DOTA: Dragon's Blood Book 3.

Followed by success CastlevaniaNetflix is ​​green-lighting more anime series based on popular video game IPs. valves DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is one of them, and although his progress was more moderate in comparison with him, nevertheless, on the whole he was positive.

Surprisingly, Netflix Geeked Week not only greenlit a third season, but also announced an August 11 premiere date, despite the second season only being released in January. Fans have mixed feelings as the pace moves too fast, but Reddit users love it eXePyrowolf still expressed his excitement about the quick release, saying, “Wow, not even a teaser, just two images. Well, I’ll take the release date, it’s not that far away!”

Age of Dragons: Absolution

netflix dragon age absolution show

In the golden age of game developers, BioWare dragon age the series accounted for some of the team’s best games. And to further solidify Netflix’s position on animated game adaptations, Geeked Week surprisingly revealed Age of Dragons: Absolution will be released this December and is being animated by one of the studios behind The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf.

Admittedly, there are also some concerns here, given the overall artistic direction of the studio involved, but there are still fans who are optimistic about what this world can bring to television animation. redditor Yogiho2 said, “Looks great. If any universe [deserves an] the animated series is Dragon Age.” dragon age known for its immersive mix of high and dark fantasy in its sprawling world, as well as having diverse characters with branching story arcs.

Cyberpunk: Edge Runners

Cyberpunk Edgerunners promo for Netflix featuring the protagonist

CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 it was arguably one of the most disastrous video game launches in recent memory, and despite taking almost a year and a half to fix, it has since grown into a stable and solid RPG. However, outside of the video game space, the publisher/developer wants to expand this new IP into a television anime in the form of Cyberpunk: Edge Runners using Studio Trigger.

The anime studio has a good reputation among fans, with Redditor docarwell affectionately saying, “Love me a little TRIGGER. So much style and it’s always fun, even if it turns into a silly mess (in space).” Given the work of the Trigger on similar Kill la kill as well as Promarefans will hope Cyberpunk: Edge Runners does not turn out to be a cheap marketing attempt.

Tekken: Bloodline

A shot of Jin fighting King in Tekken: Bloodline.

Fighting game franchise adaptations are notorious for being notoriously bad most of the time (due in part to live-action projects), but the anime seems to fit something like Tekken. As with most fighting game series, Tekken characterized by over-the-top action and bombast combined with melodramatic characters and stories. That being said, these are some of the parts that make Tekken The series is one of the best fighting games.

Geeked Week still hasn’t announced a release date. Tekken: Bloodline, but the game’s producer Katsuhiro Harada appears to have released some exclusive clips. redditor Snudogs7868 was pleased with where IP as a whole is heading, saying, “Tekken needs more content across the board. Namco needs to see how Warner Brothers and DC capitalize.” [on] various adaptations of Batman. Tekken should be in all flavors for every age group. This is a step in the right direction.”

Show Cuphead! Season 2

The main trio of the main characters of The Cuphead Show!

MDHR’s Studio Cuphead effortlessly became an independent sensation when it launched in 2017, and it looks like the franchise will continue its heyday in 2022. Long awaited DLC expansion Delicious last meal finally set for a June 30 release date, and Netflix Show Cuphead! it was announced that the second season would air on August 19. Looks like DOTA: Dragon’s Bloodit was surprising to see the second season get such a fast release date since the show’s first season premiered in February of this year.

The game has been acclaimed for its addictive run-and-gun gameplay paired with a 20s cartoon aesthetic, as well as a clever dose of humour. Show Cuphead! Season 1 received moderately positive reviews from fans like Redditor. TheBigIdiotSalami saying, “I think I’ll be delighted with this. I thought this shit was a fucking riot” and Investing_G saying, “I didn’t expect this show to be so trippy. Delighted with it.”

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