5 Tommy stories we want to see in the upcoming Netflix anime

The following article contains a brief discussion of suicide.

When it comes to the various media adaptations of Junji Ito’s horror manga anthologies, there is not a single property of his that has been more adapted than Tomy.

Having enjoyed a successful live-action film and television franchise in Japan for two decades, Tomie received her first anime adaptation in 2018. Junji Ito Collection. Only three of Tomie’s manga were adapted for this particular series: Tomie Parts 1 and 2 and The Artist. With the recent announcement that Netflix will be adapting more of Tomie’s stories for the newest anime series. Junji Ito Maniachere is a list of five Tomy stories we would like to see on screen.

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Tomy: The basement is a traditional horror story

Even though it is a sequel to Tomie Part 2 (aka Morita Hospital in Tomy manga), “Basement” is more like a traditional Japanese horror story and has even been adapted as a live-action film called Tomy: Replay. In the previous story, Tomie posed as her high school friend Reiko and had an affair with a young man named Tadashi, who was the boyfriend of a Morita hospital patient named Yukiko Mio.

After killing Tadashi, Tomie’s corpse is taken to Morita Hospital, where her former teacher, Mr. Takagi, poses as her father to donate her organs. Yukiko ends up receiving Tomie’s kidney, but it is completely removed soon after because the kidney has begun to regenerate into a new clone of Tomie.

Tommy’s kidney and head are kept in the basement of the hospital until they figure out how to get rid of them. They first try to kill Tomie’s head with radiation, but it ends up speeding up her regeneration, resulting in a brand new Tomie clone. Tomie then attempts to destroy her kidney to prevent further experimentation, but is subsequently killed by Dr. Tamura. Mr. Takagi then sets the entire hospital on fire to prevent the other Tomi clones from escaping into the world. Unfortunately, it leaves out one clone of Tomie: Yukiko herself, whose entire body has been regenerated into a copy of Tomie.

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Tomie: Photo/Kiss/Mansion presents Tsukiko Izumisawa

Another fan favorite Tomy The story of “Photo” consists of three parts, which includes “Kiss” and “Mansion”. The three-part story follows the character Tsukiko Izumisawa who features prominently in the live-action film. Tomy film franchise in Japan. Tomie’s favorite victim, Tsukiko starts out as a high school student who is a member of the school’s photography club. She also takes pictures of other students and sells them to her classmates who are in love with those students for 10,000 yen each. Tomie is the first “student” to expose Tsukiko’s unethical actions and is suspended from the school.

Ironically, Tomie has a weakness of her own, which Tsukiko reveals out of spite: Tomie’s true demonic form shows up in pictures she took, so she distributes those pictures throughout the school. Unfortunately for Tsukiko, this turns out to be a fatal mistake. Not only does Tomie brainwash her male classmates into killing Tsukiko, but even though she manages to avoid their assassination attempt, she doesn’t run away from Tomie herself and is forced to move. Even after she moves, Tomie and Mr. Takagi also move to her new city to continue to terrorize her there, resulting in more victims.

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Tomie: Revenge Thrives on Survival Horror

One of Junji Ito Tomy stories based on survival horror is Revenge, which was loosely adapted into a live-action film called Tomy: Revenge in Japan. The original story of the manga is about three male hikers who are caught in a snowstorm while climbing a mountain. Along the way, they find the body of a naked young woman, and one man falls to his death while trying to save her. The other two men manage to help her, although things quickly spiral out of control once she becomes part of their group.

Complaining about the cold, one man strips down to his boxers to give the woman his clothes. When the men get tired and decide to camp, the woman insists that they keep walking until they find a cabin. When the woman gets tired of walking, she instructs one of the men to carry her on his back. The man in boxers eventually dies of hypothermia, and only one man and woman make it to the cabin. Inside, the woman reveals that she dated the man’s brother a month earlier and that he killed her by chopping her to pieces, which the man finds hard to believe. The man eventually stabs the woman and exits the cabin, only to find his brother’s corpse being eaten by a clone of the woman, who turns out to be Tomie.

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“Revenge” is similar to “Waterfall Pool”, which takes place in an isolated mountain village. The story begins with a mysterious salesman resembling Mr. Takagi arriving in the village with a briefcase and selling mysterious bags to people to plant in their gardens. Most of the residents refuse to buy his “product”, with the exception of one person who bought a package out of curiosity, only to discover that it was a piece of meat. After staying too long in the village, the mysterious salesman is expelled from the community, but not before throwing all his packages into a nearby waterfall pool.

Sometime after the vendor leaves, a spate of suicides breaks out in the village near the waterfall. The cause of the suicides is not revealed until two fishermen discover a woman’s body in the water and one of them tries to pull her out of the water. When the fisherman fails to surface, another man goes into the water to find him, only to find, to his horror, that his friend is being eaten by various clones of Tomy. While the fisherman’s body is found, the clones are nowhere to be found. As time passes, an entire army of Tomy’s clones emerge from the waterfall pool and head towards the village.

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Tomy: A Passing Demon/Top Model/Old and Ugly Explores Narcissism

last three Tomy The stories published by Junji Ito consisted of three parts about a narcissistic male model who decides to take revenge on Tomy in the most sadistic way. Starting out as a famous fashion model, Ryo met Tomie through an acquaintance and immediately fell in love with her. Unfortunately for him, Tomy doesn’t reciprocate his feelings and instead makes fun of him. When he makes fun of her in the same vein, she warns him against insulting her – and soon after, Ryo is attacked by an attacker who cuts his face.

Ryo later kidnaps Tomie and tries to scar her face like a male attacker so they can be together. However, he discovers that the wound on her face has healed rather quickly and her face has returned to normal. He then doubles down on her disfigurement, only to see her reborn into something more hideous. This leads to Ryo setting fire to his apartment, in the process he is burned and disfigured. Along the way, he meets Tomi and decides to “punish” her with age. He tries to do this by injecting various girls with Tomy’s blood so that they become human clones of Tomy. However, his plan does not work as planned and Tomy’s fate remains a mystery.

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