5 Sneaky Good Free Agents Who Should Sign NBA Teams

The NBA offseason is here, which means the NBA is a free agent. almost done. There are a number of big names ready to enter the open market. The most talked about free agents are stars like Zach LaVine and Deandre Ayton. But it’s the inconspicuous free agents that can ultimately help teams reach the next level.

Today we discuss 5 sneaky good free agent teams that should sign.

5 Sneaky Good Free Agents Who Should Sign NBA Teams

Delon Wright

Delon Wright has had a solid career in the NBA. However, he ends a season in which he averaged just over 4 points per game for the Atlanta Hawks. So is he really a “good” free agent?


Wright does a good job with many small things. He is an amazing ball carrier and playmaker. Last season, he averaged less than 1 turnover per game and averaged more than 1 interception, despite playing just 19 minutes per competition.

And if teams hope for scoring potential, Wright was still effective from the floor. He shot over 45 percent from the field and about 38 percent from three. He could have become a much more productive scorer with more volume.

Delon Wright is an effective and inexpensive option for a contender for the role of a free agent in the NBA.

Gary Harris

Gary Harris is a 27-year-old shooting guard in the prime of his career. In the 2021-2022 season, he shot over 38 percent from three-point line and has impressive scoring potential.

However, no one seems to be talking about him.

Harris’ talent has been overshadowed by the lackluster performance of the Orland Magic in recent years. The former Nugget joined the Magic in 2020-2021. He averaged about 10.5 points during his time in Orlando and proved to be effective on three-point shots. He could be the X-Factor for a number of teams.

Kyle Anderson

Kyle Anderson is one of the most famous players on this list. The 28-year-old is a versatile threat who has spent the last four years in Memphis with the Grizzlies. Most recently, we saw him in the postseason with Memphis.

Anderson is not a threat in any category. But he is versatile and can play both on the flank and on the stand. At 6’9″ and 230 pounds, Anderson can take on most players in most positions.

He also has decent scoring ability and is a reliable defender. He can be a valuable player off the bench for many teams. In addition, Anderson is considered a suitable starting option. Teams should jump at the opportunity to sign Anderson as an NBA free agent.

Malik Monk

Malik Monk is only 24 years old and has high ceilings. He is a talented long-range shooter with 35.5 percent of three-pointers in his career. In the limited 2020–21 season, Monk shot over 40 percent from deep for the Bulls. Signing to a one-year contract with the Lakers for the 2021-2022 season, Monk put up an impressive 39 percent from three-field.

Monk averaged 14 points per game last season and could have been a star had he been given an everyday starting role. I expect there will be a lot of interest in Malik Monk in the off-season.

Yusuf Nurkic

Yusuf Nurkic is a fairly well-known name. Fans tend to consider him a worthy player. However, people tend not to realize how good Nurkic really is.

Nurkic suffered an injury midway through the 2021-2022 season that kept him in just 56 games for the Portland Trail Blazers. He averaged 15 points and 11 boards despite a shortened campaign.

Yusuf Nurkic is likely to be an absolute steal for any team that signs him into the NBA as a free agent.

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