5 New Netflix Movies Everyone Will Be Talking About Next Week

Among the list of new Netflix releases coming to the streaming platform next week, you can just look at one of the titles and literally see the wheels spinning in the head of the Netflix decision maker.

Hispanic money robbery one of the most successful Netflix series of all time. Plus, Korean language content is crushing it all over the world on Netflix. Eureka! Why don’t we just combine them? Result Money Heist: Korea Unified Economic Zonea reimagining of the original series, which will be released on June 24 and will take it to the Korean peninsula.

Money Heist: Korea Unified Economic Zone

This new Korean-language Netflix release isn’t exactly a complete remake. it does, however, more or less retain the same dynamics. Once again, for example, the story is built around a gang of thieves led by a brilliant professor. In addition, all thieves are named after cities. And the iconic red jumpsuits and white face masks are similar to the aesthetic of the original.

money heist korea netflix
A still from the Netflix series Money Heist: Korea Unified Economic Zone. Image Source: Jeong Jae-gu/Netflix

From there, the series covers entirely new storytelling territory. In particular, an imaginary future in which North and South Korea must reunite. “Because the border seems to be disappearing soon.” Netflix explains, “the people of the long-divided peninsula seem about to be reunited, but there are troubling consequences… Under the new economic union, “only the rich got richer.” Entering this ruthless new world of inequality, a gang of thieves from North and South Korea, led by a professor, set out to pull off a historic heist.”

In this retelling, the streamer continues to us, there is a so-called Joint Security Zone. It is located where today’s North and South Korea are separated. And it is there that the mint is located, which becomes the focus of the series. “With reunification, the Mint is printing a new single currency as the basis for building a stable shared economy.”

Other new Netflix

Meanwhile, there’s Kevin Hart’s wacky Kevin Hart movie airing this week on Netflix featuring a killer and a case of misidentification. Plus a fun new comedy series from Rowan Atkinson. And also a new British reality series in which spoiled young people are literally forced to survive in the wild.

However, before we get to them, we must mention another outstanding season of Netflix Original TV coming to the streamer next week: Umbrella Academy Season 3

Season 3 will release on June 22. From Netflix: “Reunited after the death of their father, estranged siblings with extraordinary powers uncover shocking family secrets – and a looming threat to humanity.”

In the meantime, debut dates and official descriptions of the rest of the new Netflix releases can be found below.

person from toronto netflix
(LR) Woody Harrelson as The Toronto Man and Kevin Hart as Teddy in the Netflix series The Toronto Man. Image Source: Sabrina Lantos/Netflix

The man from Toronto: The new Netflix episode starring Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson comes out on June 24th. vacation rental.

snow mountain: “Hopelessly titled or just in need of some tough love? In this reality show, ten spoiled young people get to know nature without parental insurance. This show will debut on Netflix on June 22.

man vs bee: The first season of this new Netflix release comes out on June 24th. From Netflix: “Clumsy dad Trevor tries to get the better of a cunning bee by housekeeping in a posh mansion, but there’s only more chaos in this comedy series.”

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