5 Good Netflix Shows This Father’s Day Weekend: God’s Favorite Idiot

As the weekend approaches, be sure to set aside time to watch some great Netflix shows. The new list of releases for June 2022 is impressive, with plenty of options to keep you interested. Check out our recommendations for binge-worthy shows below.

If you look at this week’s list of the top 10 Netflix TV shows, you’ll see several repetitions, including Stranger Things, All American, First Murder, Peaky Blinders, Ozark, as well as Lincoln Lawyer.

Many will be celebrating Father’s Day this weekend, and we’ve got a great list of movies to watch while you’re celebrating. And for more fun, check out all the comedies available for streaming.

Best New Netflix Shows June 18, 2022

God’s Favorite Idiot

Original from Netflix God’s Favorite Idiot comedy created by Ben Falcone, his wife Melissa McCarthy, and starring Leslie Bibb and Kevin Dunn.

Falcone portrays Clark, a man who begins to glow after being struck by lightning. His colleagues, including his girlfriend Emily (McCarthy), believe it is something divine, which is confirmed when an angel appears to him. The angel tells him that he is the messenger of God and must prevent the impending apocalypse.

Featuring Falcone and McCarthy, this is sure to be a comedy you won’t want to miss.

The Network of Pretense: Death, Lies, and the Internet

Limited anthology The Network of Pretense: Death, Lies, and the Internet Directed by Brian Knappenberger, Luminant Media and Imagine Documentaries, executive produced by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer.

The docu-series explores a world of modern-day disinformation and the digital deception of American households and the resulting, sometimes tragic, consequences. The stories involve an online player who engages in a “swoop” by causing false reports that require a SWAT team to be sent to a specified location. This story ends in tragedy.

Other stories include a woman’s account of how she became a spokesperson for hate speech against white nationalists, a sex extortion case, an IRS robbery, and a conspiracy surrounding a murdered political official in 2016. These stories demonstrate what happens when reality is distorted in a web of disinformation.


spanish drama series closenessreleased its first season on Netflix and quickly made it onto the list of the top 10 Netflix shows.

The story follows Malena, the deputy mayor of Bilbao, who has a promising future in politics, whose life is ruined when a sex tape hits the press. The video shows Malene and a man who is not her husband having sex on the beach, which is widespread, causing a lot of chaos in her personal and professional life. This theme continues into other lives in the series, raising questions about the boundaries of intimacy and what happens when people’s private lives become the subject of public conversation.

Iron Chef: In Search of the Iron Legend

New culinary series. Iron Chef: In Search of the Iron Legend it’s a reboot iron chef as well as Iron Chef America. This series sees Elton Brown return as co-host with Kristen Kish and Mark Dacascos as chairman.

The five new iron chefs in the first season of this series are Curtis Stone, Dominik Krenn, Markus Samuelsson, Ming Tsai and Gabriela Camara. The Iron Chefs battle the members to prepare a dish based on a secret ingredient revealed by The Chairman. The highest scoring challenger returns at the end in a competition with all the Iron Chefs who will become an Iron Legend and receive the Golden Knife if successful.

Dead End: Paranormal Park

New animated series described as creepy but cute Dead End: Paranormal Park, now available on Netflix. The series is based on horror comedy graphic novels. DeadEndia and the network is shorter Dead end Hamish Steele.

The series follows Barney, Norman, and the magical talking dog Pugsley as they work at a haunted theme park during the summer and battle paranormal forces that are also active there. They encounter a thousand-year-old demon named Courtney, their guide to the underworld.

What Netflix shows will you be watching this weekend? Share your choice in the comments!

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