4 “Very strange things” 4 death predictions worth paying attention to

A lot of interesting things happened in the first volume of Stranger Things 4. On the one hand, this season’s main antagonist is connected to Eleven, and his existence is one of the few catalysts that set the whole story in motion. Throw in the fact that Jim Hopper is finally reunited with Joyce Byers in Russia and Nancy is stuck in the Upside Down, and there’s a lot to be expected from Volume 2 when it hits Netflix soon.

The fact is that not everyone will come out of this season unharmed. Whether it’s some strange twist of fate or a victim of Vecna ​​himself, Stranger Things 4 is bound to have casualties before the end of the season itself. We dive deep into some of the potential death predictions that could be coming soon.

“Very strange things”: 4 death predictions worth paying attention to

Stranger Things season 4 release date

Nancy Wheeler

Volume 2 of Stranger Things 4 ended with Vecna ​​taking over Nancy’s mind inside the Flip Side just as she was about to escape it. Through repressed memories of Barb dies in the first seasonthe show’s current antagonist found a way to possess Mike’s older sister and prevent her from returning to the real world.

With Nancy in Vecna’s clutches, it’s safe to say her life is in danger when Volume 2 arrives on Netflix. Given how she’s gone from a timid young lady to a fierce and independent adult, killing her could set several characters in different directions and help them develop further in season five. Among them could potentially be Jonathan Byers, Steve and Mike.

If Nancy dies before Stranger Things 4 is filmed, expect her death to reflect on Hawkins. Since she is one of the well-known characters residing in said city, her departure will really make an impact and finally confirm that this is not the innocent and safe place that most people call home in the series.

Jim Hopper

Speaking of impact, Jim Hopper’s death will certainly be more serious if the show’s creators decide to kill him off. The last time we saw the former police chief, he was finally reunited with Joyce and Murray Bauman after fighting off a living Demogorgon in a Russian prison. With this development in mind, there’s a pretty good chance the trio will return for a big showdown with Vecna.

In this potential scenario, Hopper could be the one to play the proverbial victim if Eleven, her adopted daughter, is in the danger line. What makes this death prediction bittersweet is that Hopper will be reunited with his loved ones for a short time and walk away in a blaze of glory to save the day.

While this scenario will have a larger impact on all characters, it could also take a different path and Hopper could still survive. Despite all the savings he endured in the Russian Gulag and the amount of effort he put in just to escape it, he was still able to survive and pass Stranger Things 4. However, given the danger he is currently in, it cannot be said that he will be safe.

Steve Harrington

In the event that Nancy makes it out of Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 alive, the same could be said for Steve by then. The beloved male child and babysitter has grown in popularity over recent seasons as the character has developed well. With his sweet personality and charming personality, Steve’s potential death would be a huge blow to the Hawkins gang and anyone else stuck in Stranger Things in general.

At the end of the seventh episode of Stranger Things, we see Vecna ​​taking over Nancy’s mind in the Upside Down. Since Jonathan is miles away from Hawkins, it goes without saying that Steve will rush back to the otherworldly dimension to save his ex-girlfriend. Considering how the show has been building these two while Jonathan is away, it goes without saying that the tension between the two could potentially lead to the death of one of them this season.

Steve’s eventual death will only affect everyone around him, especially Dustin, Max, and the other younger kids, but will cause a wave of strong backlash from the show’s fans. While it would be stressful, the buzz it will generate will surely help Stranger Things end on a high note and keep everyone looking forward to Season 5.

Mike Wheeler

Perhaps the death that will resonate the most with Eleven, arguably the most important character in Stranger Things, is the death of Mike. With how their friendship and eventual relationship has blossomed over the years, killing him will take the entire show and the Eleven arc in a different direction.

Mike’s potential death would also mean that the Stranger Things we first saw won’t be the same as it is in the future. This will give fans the impression that the show is maturing. Mike’s passing served as a catalyst for Eleven, Will, Lucas, Dustin, and Max to grow up to be adults, carrying the burden together.

With a week before Stranger Things 4 volume 2 hits Netflix, there are bound to be characters that won’t make it into Season 5. Until then, those fans of the show should keep an eye on these characters and how their story arcs play out in the final two episodes.

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