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NBA announces 2022 summer league schedule originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Almost time for some summer ball.

On Monday, the NBA announced the 75-game summer league schedule starting July 7 in Las Vegas. The list begins with a matchup between teams holding two of the top three picks in the 2022 NBA Draft when the Orlando Magic, who have the first pick, play the Houston Rockets, who have the third pick, at 10:00 pm ET time. The Detroit Pistons’ tonight’s doubleheader against the Portland Trail Blazers will end at midnight ET.

All 30 teams will play five games in the Summer League at the Thomas & Mack Center and Cox Pavilion on the University of Nevada campus. All games will be broadcast on ESPN or NBA TV networks.

The first four games for each team have been announced. After these games are completed, the league will seed all 30 teams and assign a fifth game to each. The top two seeds will play in the championship game on Sunday, July 17 at 3:00 pm ET on ESPN. All other teams will play their last game on July 16th or 17th.

Here is the full schedule for each team’s first four games in the summer league:

July 7

Houston vs. Orlando, 10 pm ET ESPN

Portland vs. Detroit, 12:00 pm ET ESPN

July 8

Dallas vs. Chicago 4:00 pm ET ESPNU

San Antonio vs. Cleveland, 5:00 pm ET NBA TV

Charlotte vs. Indiana, 6:00 pm ET ESPN2

Brooklyn vs. Milwaukee, 7:00 pm ET NBA TV

Golden State vs. New York, 8:00 pm ET ESPN2

Denver vs. Minnesota 9:00 pm ET NBA TV

Phoenix vs. Los Angeles Lakers, 10 pm ET ESPN2

July 9

Toronto vs Philadelphia 3:30 pm ET NBA TV

Orlando vs Sacramento 4:00 pm ET ESPN

Boston vs Miami 5:30 pm ET NBA TV

Detroit vs. Washington, 6:00 pm ET ESPN2

Atlanta vs Utah 7:30 pm ET NBA TV

Oklahoma City vs. Houston 8:00 pm ET ESPN2

Los Angeles Clippers v Memphis, 9:30 pm ET, NBA TV

New Orleans vs. Portland, 10 p.m. ET ESPN2

July 10

Indiana vs. Sacramento, 3:00 pm ET ESPN

Philadelphia vs. Brooklyn, 3:30 pm ET NBA TV

Chicago vs. New York, 5:00 pm ET ESPN2

Washington vs. Phoenix, 5:30 pm ET NBA TV

Denver vs. Cleveland, 7:00 pm ET ESPNU

Golden State vs. San Antonio, 7:30 pm ET NBA TV

Minnesota vs. Memphis, 9:00 pm ET ESPNU

Charlotte vs. Los Angeles Lakers, 9:30 pm ET NBA TV

July 11

New Orleans vs. Atlanta, 6:00 pm ET NBA TV

Houston vs. San Antonio, 7:00 pm ET ESPN

Milwaukee vs. Boston 8:00 pm ET NBA TV

Orlando vs. Oklahoma City, 9:00 pm ET ESPN

Dallas vs. Utah, 10 pm ET NBA TV

New York vs. Portland, 11:00 pm ET ESPN2

July, 12

Chicago vs. Toronto, 5:00 pm ET NBA TV

Memphis vs. Brooklyn, 6:00 pm ET ESPNU

Atlanta vs. Miami, 7:00 pm ET NBA TV

Boston vs. Golden State, 8:00 pm ET ESPN2

Detroit vs. Indiana, 9:00 pm ET NBA TV

Phoenix vs. Dallas, 10 p.m. ET ESPN2

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Los Angeles Clippers, 11:00 pm ET, NBA TV

July 13

Minnesota vs. Milwaukee 4:00 pm ET NBA TV

Cleveland vs. Charlotte, 5:00 pm ET ESPNU

Washington vs. New Orleans, 6:00 pm ET NBA TV

Toronto vs. Utah, 7:00 pm ET ESPNU

Sacramento vs. Oklahoma City 8:00 pm ET NBA TV

Miami vs. Philadelphia, 9:00 pm ET ESPNU

Denver vs. Los Angeles Clippers, 10 pm ET, NBA TV

the 14 th of July

Atlanta vs. San Antonio 3:00 pm ET ESPN2

Memphis vs. Boston, 3:30 pm ET NBA TV

Chicago vs. Charlotte 5:00 pm ET ESPN2

Cleveland vs. Detroit, 5:30 pm ET NBA TV

Dallas vs. Milwaukee 7:00 pm ET ESPNU

New York vs Orlando 7:30 pm ET NBA TV

Brooklyn vs. Minnesota 9:00 pm ET ESPNU

Portland vs. Houston, 9:30 pm ET NBA TV

July 15

Los Angeles Clippers v Utah, 5:00 pm ET, ESPN2

Philadelphia vs. Denver, 6:00 pm ET NBA TV

Oklahoma City vs. Golden State 7:00 pm ET ESPN

Sacramento vs. Phoenix, 8:00 pm ET NBA TV

Indiana vs. Washington, 9:00 pm ET ESPN2

Miami vs. Toronto, 10 p.m. ET NBA TV

Los Angeles Lakers vs. New Orleans 11:00 pm ET ESPN2

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