2022 NBA Draft Profile: Wendell Moore Jr.

Wing | 6ft 6in | 215 pounds. | junior | Age: 20

Statistics 2021-22 (39 games): 13.4 points per game | 5.3 RPG | 4.4 PNG | 1.4 ACS | 50.0 FG% | 41.3 3P% | 60.5% TS | 21.4 PER

Texas Tech University v. Duke

#0 Wendell Moore Jr. of the Duke Blue Devils throws the ball against the Texas Tech Red Raiders in the first half of the Sweet Sixteen.
Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images


Improved shooter:

If you looked strictly at Moore’s freshman toss count: Woof; he shot 41.6% from the floor, including 44.4% from the 2nd and 21.1% from the free throw line – enough for 50.0% of accurate shots. As a junior, Moore botched half of his attempts, including 41.3 percent from three-point range and 80.5 percent from the free throw line (TS%). He was a very good shooter and showed potential in dribbling despite not having an elite shot.

Bold Defender:

Moore has thrown over 2.0 interceptions per 100 possessions in every season at Duke with great hands on the perimeter and on the stand. His height allowed him to excel at shooting around the perimeter, as well as perfecting Andre Iguodala’s patented downstroke in a low stance or on a drive. Moore moved his feet well and kept the ball carriers in front, using his muscular body to fence off the driving lanes and take hard pull-up shots. He was also a good screen navigator. Moore is great defensively and should be an intriguing player given his 7-foot wingspan.

Playability/Game Feeling:

Like Dalene Terry, Moore, though not as explosive, has shown a ton of playmaking ability during the transition. In those situations, he was one of Duke’s best hitters and passers. And despite working as a side-creator at Duke, he was proficient in pick-and-roll situations and found an open half-court player, boasting a 2.3 assist-to-assist ratio. His playing is one of his greatest strengths.


Vertical athleticism:

Although he sometimes looked hurried, Moore was a good finisher at Duke – hitting 71 percent of his attempts north of the basket – but he lacked the necessary vertical athleticism that prevented him from finishing the game above the defense. It will be a more serious climb against the more athletic NBA rim guards. He has a good enough framework to finish through defenders, but maybe at the next level he will come up with different approaches to finishing through them with additional experience.

Shooting stability:

While Moore’s shooting has indeed improved, it’s always a matter of a three- or four-year college player having one impressive shooting season with mech efficiency otherwise. It may not be such a big deal due to his free throw percentage. But he improved his three-point and shooting efficiency by more than nine percentage points (on the same volume) from his sophomore season through his junior season. This shouldn’t be called a big issue, but rather a development that I’m going to track down to the next level. Both the mechanics and issue look good, so there’s definitely some good shooting potential here.


I’m not the first nor the last to say that Duke’s team is loaded. And much more may have been their most accomplished two-way player – and the fact that it’s even a discussion says something. If Miami is looking for extra wing depth, Moore should be at the top of their leaderboard given their draft placement. He’s a Miami Heat type player.

Games/best moments to watch:

What others say about him:

Sports Illustrated Jeremy Wu:

Moore got rid of two difficult seasons and turned into a consistent, reliable player as a junior, becoming Duke’s leader and a player who can do a little bit of everything: he stepped up in confidence and assertiveness; he is a capable passer who can handle the ball and start the game; he shoots better in jumps (41% of three – impressive jump); and he offers plus length and defensive savvy. While not particularly tall for a wing, Moore’s live traits offer good versatility to mix different lineup types and buff teammates. He thrives in the transition and plays attractive team basketball, and his consistency has been a key part of Duke’s success. Moore won’t be an outstanding scorer, but I think he has more advantages than he can imagine.

Athletic John Hollinger:

Moore was a bit taken aback when the scouts focused on Bunchero and Williams in the Duke, and he played a more limited role in the talented offensive squad. However, he’s had a good junior year and won’t turn 21 until September, and his ability to pass, defend, take open shots and score in the open all make him a strong candidate to turn pro.

Moore could probably improve his scoring and three-point line, but his rebounding, assisting and stealing numbers are among the best among shooting guard prospects this year, and those numbers usually indicate professional success. than average scores. In addition, he shot 41.3 percent from three and 81.5 percent from the line and usually defended the opposition’s best player. The 3-and-D archetype is quite clearly present, and in a fairly athletic package that can move up another notch with some fitness improvements.

He has enough length and jumping ability to switch shots as he approaches them to counter them, and when he really fended off dribbles, he had good chasing equipment to block opponents from behind. He can get up a bit and looks like he’s trying too hard to avoid the foul; a change in direction also sometimes caused it to swerve into a ditch. It seems like he will most likely be selected in the second round, but he has the starting potential to go at a pretty high level.

NBA Draft Room:

Wendell Moore Jr. is a versatile player who puts in a lot of effort at both ends of the court and influences every aspect of the game. He won’t impress you with his skill alone, but he’s useful as a defender, passer and scorer.

He has the makings of a solid defender with a lot of flexibility at this end of the floor. He has a large size and length when he presses the ball and he moves his feet very well when defending in space.

Wendell isn’t finished on offense yet, but he’s excelling in transitions and hitting the basket. His ball possession has improved and he is positioned as a player who can run for some time at the next level to match his 3&D skill set.

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