2022 NBA Draft Player Profile: Jeremy Sochan

Jeremy Sochan is coming in 2022 NBA draft as one of the most interesting prospects on the board. Sochan is 19, tall, 6ft 9in and looks like he was lab-created to be an NBA defensive end. He was instrumental in another impressive Baylor season, and if you dig into his game, you’ll understand why. His ability to do it all makes him a versatile player who could potentially be the link for a championship contender. High praise? Absolutely, but that’s why I think he has a chance to be one of the best players in this draft.

When you look at Sochan’s stats you won’t see any specific stat, the story you get from his stats is the player who does everything for you. Whether attacking or defending, versatility is key. But that probably sells him defensively, he has a chance to be really special, and that shows in his 1.3 steals and 0.7 blocks in just 25 minutes per wing.

In attack, the same story with versatility. he showed an impressive ability to play Baylor’s offense, throwing 1.8 assists per game, again in just 25 minutes per game. He also featured flashes of creating his own shots around the block. I’m afraid to use the term forward, but there is some potential in this that is quite exciting.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that Jeremy Sochan will eventually become Andrei Kirilenko. His size and length are identical to Kirilinenko’s, and his playing is also incredibly similar. Kirilenko was more of a blocker, but where Kirilenko has the upper hand in blocking shots, I think Sochan could have the advantage in flank defense. Sochan uses his lateral speed, as well as his length, to catch the ball carriers (remember something like Mikal Bridges). Without the ball, he’s like a shark waiting for a bad pass, and he anticipates it in a way that only someone with elite instincts could. He is not Draymond Green as a weak side blocker, but he is a smart blocker with good timing. On occasion, he even played center in Baylor’s defense. If you look up playoff defensemen in the dictionary, Sochan appears there.

In attack, Sochan is very similar to Kirilenko. He’s not quite on Draymond Green’s level when it comes to initiating an attack, but there’s no reason to think he can’t evolve that way. Sochan has a surprisingly good grip, and instinctively finds an open cutter heading towards the hoop. He also showed flashes of good post-game play that he could eventually learn how to play. Add some sparkle to his game and you’ll see an integral part of a great team.

Like Kirilenko, Sochan’s three-pointer should be more consistent, but the mechanics don’t look too bad. And this is what will take Sochan to incredible heights. Will he be able to bring his three-point shot to a decent level? If he can, he could be one of the most powerful players in this draft with everything he has.

Since the Jazz don’t have a draft choice, they’ll have to haggle to get one, but the Jazz are totally worth it to make a big trade and take a chance on Sochan. Right now at the Draft Kings, you can bet on Jeremy Sochan’s draft position at over or under 12.5 odds in the draft.. If I’m playing for the Jazz, there’s a rumor going around that number 10 is open from Washington and I would do it in the blink of an eye to pick Sochan if he’s there. He’s the kind of player they’ve been craving for years and he could be there for them. Which one of you reading this should I sacrifice to the basketball gods to make this happen? Believe me, I’m ready to do it!

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