2022 NBA draft order after Dallas Mavericks trade for Christian Wood

2022 NBA draft takes place on June 23rd and is an unmissable event for all NBA fans. The Orlando Magic have the best pick and are rumored to be picking between Jabari Smith and Chet Holmgren. It looks like Paolo Banquero will round out the top three with a lot of drama about what Sacramento is doing at four.

On June 15, the Dallas Mavericks reversed the order, trading four players and the 26th pick to Houston for Christian Wood. The Rockets now have three first-round picks and the Mavs have no 2022 draft pick as they traded their second-round pick to the Washingtons at the deadline.

How did two off-season trades affect the draft order? Fans can see all 58 peaks below.

1. Orlando Magic

2. Oklahoma City Thunder

3. Houston Rockets

4. Sacramento Kings

5. Detroit Pistons

6. Indiana Pacers

7. Portland Trail Blazers

8. New Orleans Pelicans (via Los Angeles Lakers)

9. San Antonio Spurs

10. Washington Wizards

11. New York Knicks

12. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Los Angeles Clippers)

13. Charlotte Hornets

14. Cleveland Cavaliers

15. Charlotte Hornets (via New Orleans Pelicans)

16. Atlanta Hawks

17. Houston Rockets (via Brooklyn Nets)

18. Chicago Bulls

19. Minnesota Timberwolves

20. San Antonio Spurs (via Toronto Raptors)

21. Denver Nuggets

22. Memphis Grizzlies (via Utah Jazz)

23. Philadelphia 76ers

24. Milwaukee Bucks

25. San Antonio Spurs (via Boston Celtics)

26. Houston Rockets (via Dallas Mavericks)

27. Miami Heat

28. Golden State Warriors

29. Memphis Grizzlies

30. Denver Nuggets (via Phoenix Suns)

31. Indiana Pacers (via Houston Rockets)

32. Orlando Magic

33. Toronto Raptors (via Detroit Pistons)

34. Oklahoma City Thunder

35. Orlando Magic (via Indiana Pacers)

36. Portland Trail Blazers

37. Sacramento Kings

38. San Antonio Spurs (via Los Angeles Lakers)

39. Cleveland Cavaliers (via San Antonio Spurs)

40. Minnesota Timberwolves (via Washington Wizards)

41. New Orleans Pelicans

42. New York Knicks

43. Los Angeles Clippers

44. Atlanta Hawks

45. Charlotte Hornets

46. ​​Detroit Pistons (via Brooklyn Nets)

47. Memphis Grizzlies (via Cleveland Cavaliers)

48. Minnesota Timberwolves

49. Sacramento Kings (via Chicago Bulls)

50. Minnesota Timberwolves (via Denver Nuggets)

51. Golden State Warriors (via Toronto Raptors)

52. New Orleans Pelicans (via Utah Jazz)

53. Boston Celtics

54. Washington Wizards (via Dallas Mavericks)

55. Golden State Warriors

56. Cleveland Cavaliers (via Miami Heat)

57. Portland Trail Blazers (via Memphis Grizzlies)

58. Indiana Pacers (via Phoenix Suns)

The Milwaukee Bucks and Miami Heat were forced to forfeit their second round picks due to rigged violations, leaving Thursday’s draft with just 58 picks.

Fans shouldn’t expect the Dallas Mavericks to make a choice. They could buy a second round pick, but that’s unlikely given the situation in their lineup and the looming luxury tax.

General manager and president of basketball operations Nico Harrison will be on the phone on draft night, and the Mavs will technically take the 26th pick because they can’t trade him until after draft night due to Stepien’s rule. Fans should tune in for a league-changing night and enjoy the show.

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