2022 NBA Draft: Clippers Evaluate Options Ahead of Thursday

NBA Finals concluded less than 24 hours ago, which means 2022 NBA draft not far off… literally. By this time next week, 60-plus prospects — 58 picks and a small number of undrafted free agents who were taken shortly after the draft ended — will have new homes and new opportunities. And while the Los Angeles Clippers may not be picking from the most exciting spot on the field, which is a by-product of their deal with Paul George (you may have heard of him) back in 2019, they have taken a lot of pre-checks. making the 43rd overall pick next Thursday night.

The Clips’ only choice comes in the middle of the second round. It is expected that Los Angeles will indeed use this choice to strengthen their ranks and add more youth to the team.

It is now unknown if he is indeed number 43. They could have traded up or down without changing their fortunes too much, given the typical success rate of second-round picks. However, tucked away among the many minor players that inevitably get left on the sidelines is often a gem. The Clippers are hoping to pick the most brilliant of them all.

The Clippers have reportedly drafted the following players so far:

Perhaps the only surprise on the list is Santa Clara defenseman Jalen Williams, who many see as a potential first-round pick. Kevin O’Connor final dummy draft per Ringer It has Houston Rockets taking Williams with the 17th overall pick; Two recent CBS Sports taunts made him the top pick 19 (Minnesota) as well as 23 (Philadelphia); ESPN links Williams to the future Chicago Bullis chosen 18th overall.

Needless to say, Williams is likely to be a pipe dream. For what it’s worth, he really wanted to share what the Clippers did for him by posting the information on their Instagram story back in May. Hey, a pipe dream is still a dream, right?

However, for the most part, these mock drafts (among other things) align with the Clippers’ training history, whether it’s Williams or not. Kansas defenseman Christian Brown becomes Clipper in Kyle Boone’s game. project layout for CBS Sports. Meanwhile, ESPN as well as hoops hype watch Los Angeles take a chance on French international Ismael Kamagate.

The most exciting prospect, however, may be Iowa State Guard Isaiah Brockington. He is listed as a point guard despite his average distribution ability of just 1.6 assists per game last season; he never averaged more than 1.7 in his four years with the Cyclones. However, Brockington has gotten better with each season as both a scorer and a crusher. As his minutes increased from 11.6 to 34.9 minutes per game from his freshman through his senior season, averages jumped from 4.3 to 16.9 points per game and from 1.2 to 6.8 rebounds per game. As a 6’4″ guard, it’s hard to find that kind of versatility.

With the Clippers, he would likely be a perfect fit for Reggie Jackson as the team’s backup point guard, sharing that responsibility with a hopefully healthy Jason Preston. One of them will most likely spend some time at Agua Caliente, the Clippers affiliate of the G-League, but that’s part of the journey. If the Clippers pick Brockington, they’ll get another high-scoring, aggressive guard who, with the right development, could turn into a utility player pretty soon.

Lawrence Frank and Steve Ballmer’s approach to drafting, regardless of pick, should be simple. According to Lowe Murray of Athletic, Clippers throw a wide net of targets. There is no need for a draft in the second round. They could use their choice on the same or super senior; point guard or center; or any type of player in between. It’s all about BPA: the best player available.”

In fact the best players available such as Jabari Smith Jr (currently -165 to be the top pick, behind DraftKings bookmaker), Chet Holmgren (+125) and Paolo Bankero (+2000) will almost certainly be in the top 3 next week. Other favorites to at least make the top 10 include Kentucky’s Shadon Sharp and G League Ignite product Dyson Daniels (both -2500; as close as possible to a top 10 unmistakable pick), Bennedict Maturin (-800), Johnny Davis (-250) and Jalen Düren (+100) just to name a few.

Place your bets and tune in on Thursday to find out who the Clippers will take, as well as who will come up with a surprise. There is always one; make money from it, why not?

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