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    Chris Schwegler/NBAE via Getty Images

    The New York Knicks are in serious trouble with their point guard position.

    The 2022 NBA draft offers them their next opportunity to finally fix that.

    They are not have let’s take the point guard, of course, but ideally, the draft board will break down in such a way that their highest need coincides with the best available prospect. An exchange might be needed to make this happen, but New York City has the resources to do something.

    With talent recruiting fast approaching on June 23rd, we’re looking at three different draft night scenarios for New York’s first draft.

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    Jaden Ivey is unlikely to make it out of the top five. Without the trade, the Knicks won’t be drafted before the 11th pick.

    And yet, Bockers executives decided to interview the 20-year-old at the mill. Mark Berman belonging New York Post.

    While this may simply reflect the franchise’s meticulous drafting approach, the match with Ivey is so intriguing that one could speculate that it could indicate a willingness to step into his shoes.

    His best script would end years of looking for a point guard in New York. Purdue’s product is dribbling blur, electric goal scoring threat and a highlight waiting to happen as we race towards the rim.

    Ivey can create plays for himself and his teammates, but he also shoots well enough to add offensive value outside of basketball. This last part should be especially enticing for the Knicks, who are already running most of their offense through Julius Randle and R. J. Barrett.

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    Emily Chinn/NBAE via Getty Images

    There was a time when the Knicks could stay in 11th place and still have a real hope of getting Dyson Daniels.

    This time is over.

    Like ESPN Jonathan Zhivoni As noted at the plant, the 19-year-old boy began to “cause hype in the top five.”

    Ideally, the Knicks wouldn’t have to climb that high to get Daniels, but if he’s their boyfriend, that might be a small sacrifice.

    For a team that is sorely lacking in playmakers, the idea of ​​adding a 6’7″ setter that can drive, score from post and defend multiple positions is certainly intoxicating, especially if New York thinks it can bolster its progress. shot outside.

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    NCAA handout/photos via Getty Images

    The son of 10-year NBA veteran Adrian Griffin, A.J. Griffin could be a ready-to-go 3-and-D wing to help complete this list.

    However, the real hope is that the 18-year-old can get even bigger.

    His 3-point shot is clean, as evidenced by his scorching 44.7% spatter rate during his solo run on Duke. Its defense isn’t quite up to par, but its stamina and 7ft 0in wingspan indicate blocking potential. If that’s all he brings to the NBA’s hardwoods, it might be enough to keep him in the league for a decade or more.

    Having said that, his bursts of frame creation are what really pushes the imagination to its limits. His arms are tense and inventive, his deceptions and movements throw defenders off balance, and his attacks often bring him trips to the foul line.

    Griffin is even showing promise as a passer, which could elevate his attacking profile even higher.

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