2 Sixers players to be traded in 2022 NBA offseason

The Philadelphia 76ers are looking to make a lot of moves in the 2022 NBA offseason. They are willing to trade every player on their roster except for Joel Embiid, James Harden and Tyrese Maxey.

There really aren’t any untouchable Sixers on the list other than these three. Any of them must be available, and some of them must be sold. Although Tobias Harris has been at the center of trade negotiations in Philadelphia for many years, he is not one of them.

Harris is certainly not untouchable, but the 66ers have little to gain by trading him. Waiving his huge contract would have given the team more salary space, but not enough to directly sign a star player like Zach LaVine. Swapping him for expiring contracts will likely mean Philadelphia will lose a key scorer and defenseman. Despite all his shortcomings, he still scores almost 20 points with good shooting and defense.

Harris proved he could be a valuable player in the playoffs. You should not rush to exchange it. If LaVine can be obtained in exchange for signs or another star forward, then the Sixers should consider trading him. If there is no good trade, it would be a mistake to trade Harris just for her.

Any Sixers role player must be available for trade. Two of them, in particular, must be bought by the front office and sold before the start of next season.

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2 Sixers players to be traded in 2022 NBA offseason

2. Danny Green

Through no fault of Green, he is best used as a trade item this off-season. Blame the cruciate ligament and ligament injuries Green suffered in the Sixers final game.

Greene has done a great job as a shooting guard for Philadelphia over the past two seasons. But now that he’s set to miss the rest of the season due to injury, Philadelphia doesn’t really need him. Using it in a trade along with their first round pick is the best way forward.

Green’s $10 million salary makes it easy to trade him. His salary is in line with many other deals in the league, which should help the Sixers find another player to use in their rotation. Decent players such as Alec Burks, Larry Nance Jr., Royce O’Neal and Monte Morris will earn comparable sums next season.

It’s a sad way to get rid of Green, whose career could very well be cut short by this injury. The 66ers can’t let that stop them from maximizing their chances of competing with Embiid.

1. Matisse Tibull

The Sixers should consider trading Taibul this offseason for several reasons. Chief among them is his inability to contribute at the end of the season.

Tibull’s offensive value is almost entirely dependent on his shooting. While the 25-year-old is a pretty solid cutter with the athleticism to finish above the rim, he doesn’t make a face for himself and isn’t a strong playmaker in his own right. Shooting below 32 percent from three in each of the past two seasons doesn’t inspire much confidence that he can turn the tide. If it doesn’t, teams in the playoffs will be able to ignore it.

After the 2022/23 season, Taibul’s contract expires. While his defense can be a big advantage, he is not a traditional isolation player who stays in front of the ball carriers no matter what. His style of covering the ground and breaking the passages is not always very valuable. When he is assigned to guard the very best players, this is not always a good thing.

However, there are other imperfect role players on the list. So why is Tybull the only role player the 66ers should be showing off in the trading market? Because it is he who has the greatest trading value. This defense can be useful for a team that wants to make it to the playoffs. For the Sixers, who need guys who can prove themselves later in the season, it’s not that important.

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