11th chosen avenue Benedict Mathurin

While the New York Knicks are looking for their point guard future, the front office’s plan seems to be to stock up on young, lean, athletic wings that also have a great shot (See: Grimes, Quentin Reddish, Cam Barrett, R. J.).

Luckily for fans of Canadian origin Benedict MaturinThe Arizona wing fits that description perfectly and is definitely on the Knicks’ radar with the 11th overall pick in the 2022 NBA draft. So much so that many fans have marked the 19-year-old as their dream draft target, but that’s only if New York decides not to trade for Jaden Ivey or Shaydon Sharp.

How does Benedict Maturin fit into the current roster of the New York Knicks?

While Mathurin’s athleticism is his standout trait, he does so much more, which makes him a perfect fit for the Knicks in the 2022-23 season. It is also in line with the growth schedule going forward.

Maturin has improved across the board in his two seasons in Arizona, and all things considered, there are a few things he doesn’t do very well that are on par with the NBA.

Despite turning 20 just days before the draft, Maturin has a maturity far beyond his years that suggests he’s playing well against the Knicks’ Tom Thibodeau, who will likely lead in 2022-23. years Canadian Barrett.

Of course, there’s untapped potential here, as Maturin could prove to be one of the top three players in this draft with his insane rebounding, elite shot and ability to score at all three levels. But there are also small weaknesses that can hold him back at the beginning of his career.

Sometimes Maturin can fall asleep defensively and can fight more energetic forwards at the next level. Although it doesn’t have the biggest wingspan, but thankfully with the improved Thibodeau motor, we can see a player ready to go into the NBA and start competing right away.

What are the odds of Benedict Maturin making the New York Knicks?

Unfortunately for the Knicks and their fans, they’re not the only ones seeing this maturity, leadership, and huge potential both on and off the court.

Given the needs of teams being drafted 6th through 10th, there’s a good chance almost all of them will see a player that could be Maturin. As such, New York may have to make some moves if the team is to add such an influential player to its young, talented core.

Should the New York Knicks pick Bennedict Maturin if he’s available?

Not only do the Knicks have to run to the podium to turn in their card if Maturin is still there at number 11, they will probably try to make a move to trade him in the draft to get him. With a young lineup led by Immanuel Quickly, Obie Toppin and Barrett, he would be a fantastic addition.

Maturin promises to be a promising player, and with the right training, he can become a real NBA scorer, scoring 20 points per game. Although he struggles to create his own offense from time to time, this Knicks offense (if they do go with a young roster) can help him find the buckets.

This is probably the dream scenario for most New Yorkers, and while Knicks fans should believe in this front office, they shouldn’t hope that the former Arizona Wildcat is available at the No. 11 pick.

If New York wants him, he will have to rise to make it happen. If they think the price is right, it shouldn’t shock anyone that the Knicks are targeting Indiana or Portland as trade targets to make this happen.

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