10 Worst CGI Netflix Movies, Ranked

Computer graphics has been an extremely influential tool in the filmmaking process since it first appeared in the industry back in the late 80s. Since then, both small independent filmmakers and major production companies have been enjoying the creative process that CGI allows, whether it’s the creation of massive monsters or large-scale sci-fi landscapes.

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That many films suffer from overuse or over-reliance on CGI, which often robs the effects themselves and diverts viewers’ attention from the real story of the film or TV show. Netflix has several films that struggle with the so-called CGI problem, from gruesome deepfakes to painfully unrealistic monsters and magic.

ten Bright’s magical visuals let down his excellent practical effects

Bright received mixed reviews when it was released on Netflix in 2017, was panned by critics but loved by the public. Bright follows Daryl (Will Smith), an LAPD officer who partners with the country’s first Orc cop, Nick (Joel Edgerton). While the film does an excellent job of mixing modern crime with dystopian fantasy, there are a few instances where the magic of CGI really lets the film down. Bright has great practical effects, especially makeup, but the magic looks one-dimensional and flat, and the prophetic wand looks more like a glow stick than a deadly weapon.

9 Project Adam has been criticized for terrible deepfakes

One of the latest Netflix movies Project Adam was quickly persecuted by the public for a appallingly bad deep pastiche of Maya Sorian’s Catherine Keener character. Project Adam is a hilarious action thriller that follows Ryan Reynolds’ Adam Reed after he teams up with his 12-year-old self on a mission to save the future. The CGI is pretty low-budget, which is amazing for a Netflix original. Moreover, given that several years have passed star Wars first started using deep fake technology, viewers would be forgiven for expecting more CGI and effects.

eight Netflix’s Bleach Live Doesn’t Live Up To Its Anime Predecessor

Netflix Bleach adapted from the manga of the same name and loosely based on the subsequent anime. It follows a Japanese high school student who is suddenly granted the ability to see ghosts. Teenager Ichigo Kurosaki (Sota Fukushi) must fight evil spirits and help lost souls find their way to the afterlife. Of course, like many anime adaptations, Bleach struggles to live up to its predecessor.

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The monsters look undesirable in the shots, blending into neither the background nor the foreground, while the anime-influenced character design further mars any semblance of believability. In addition to making sure the monsters don’t feel out of place, the CG artists also worked on the background and scenery, which unfortunately only makes things worse for the CG.

7 Rim Of The World Has Horrible CGI Monsters

2019 edge of the world is a very ordinary alien invasion adventure in which four misfit teens are entrusted with a key that holds a secret to stop the invasion. It’s the perfect movie for teens and kids who love monsters, but it’s going to be difficult for older audiences to watch. The monsters are loose and look more like video game models than anything else, especially because they don’t interact well with the live environment and don’t even cast shadows. Considering edge of the world with a budget of only $19 million, it barely received credit for its terrible CGI.

6 Børning 3: Burning asphalt suffers from car chases

Burning 3: Burning Asphalt is the third installment in a series of thrilling and thrilling racing movies. The film is supposed to be goofy and unbelievable, so viewers can give it credit for its terrible CGI addiction. Of course, having a stunt team is both expensive and dangerous, but Burning 3: Burning Asphalt uses CGI where it should absolutely not be used. This is often reminiscent of the old Bond movies where car chases were filmed on a blue screen. Fast and Furious often does the same, but Burning 3: Burning Asphalt it just doesn’t quite work.

5 There are terrible computer beasts and zombies in “Army of the Dead”

army of the dead it’s a weird movie because it feels so out of character for director Zack Snyder and because of his lousy CGI. Snyder loves the look of comics, as evidenced by these Sucker Punch as well as 300but army of the dead takes CGI addiction to a whole new level.

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The action takes place in the destroyed Las Vegas, the backgrounds and many elements are made in computer graphics. But the centerpiece is the zombie hordes, including an undead tiger that looks more like an asset from Call of Duty Zombie map than a fixture in a feature film.

four World without struggle with realistic sci-fi landscapes

world without it premiered on Netflix in 2021, and while it’s clear that the focus of the Indonesian film was not CGI, it would help if it wasn’t so blatantly bad. The film follows three teenage girls in a country where dating is illegal as they decide to join a reclusive community led by a charismatic leader. world without tries to create a dystopia without the necessary tools, with key elements of science fiction such as holograms that look flat and as if a student just lazily inserted them into the frame.

3 Interceptor suffers from action movie CGI Reliance

Interceptor was the number one Netflix movie on the platform at one point, although it confused many viewers and even the film’s director. Starring Elsa Pataky as a veteran captain. Interceptor follows Pataki’s character as she defends herself against a coordinated attack on a remote missile interceptor station. It’s a cheesy action movie so viewers know what to expect; explosions, chases and massacre. What is disappointing Interceptor These are poorly composed explosions, smoke, sparks and the like, which look like bad overlays on top of real shots. Pataky, of course, did not lean out of the plane herself, and so much of the film is obviously based on green screen and CGI.

2 Love and monsters unfortunately don’t live up to their monsters

For a movie where the monsters look at least semi-realistic, Love and monsters certainly not enough and leaves much to be desired. Possibly inspired by Netflix’s Alien Worlds. Love and monsters tried to mix aliens with the real world, but failed. The monsters look sticky and friable, as if they couldn’t exist in Earth’s atmosphere. In addition to the fact that their coloring does not quite match the environment. Shadows, in particular, have the property of a supernatural valley.

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Modeling water is perhaps the most difficult thing in computer graphics. Team working on Love and monsters of course, it didn’t help that many of the monsters were either covered in slime or emerged from the water.

one How I Became a Superhero Possesses unrealistic powers that look out of place

Like BrightFrench fantasy film How I Became a Superhero struggles with the realism of his magic. The film explores the difficulties of assimilation of superheroes into society, when other normal citizens have to take drugs to compete with the power of heroes. This is interesting in essence, but the implementation of the concept leaves much to be desired, superpowers look one-dimensional and react incorrectly to the environment. The CGI team did a good job with the fire powers, but many others don’t reflect, don’t emit enough directional light, or manipulate the world around them properly.

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