10 horror movies on Netflix you can watch right now

Various trends are taking over the film industry and reflecting the changing interests of the public, but heightened horror storytelling has always been a popular style of cinema. Horror has become more ambitious and fearless over the past decades, and now is the perfect time for fans of genre content.

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A crowded theater is still the best way to watch a horror movie, but streaming services have become satisfying channels for copious spooky content. Netflix is ​​still one of the biggest players in the streaming wars and the channel has a sizable collection of horror content to enjoy right away.

ten The ritual presents a gruesome modern monster wrapped in melodrama

David Bruckner recently wowed audiences with his emotional horror film. night housebut 2017 Ritual shares much of the same DNA. Internationally distributed by Netflix, Ritual follows four grieving friends who are reunited for a camping trip following the death of their friend.

The film becomes a gripping exploration of grief and guilt with a surreal quality that seamlessly blends fantasy and reality. There is also a truly chilling monster in the center. Ritualwhich alone makes this moody journey worthwhile. Bruckner’s work Ritual as well as night house stress how he is the perfect director to handle Hellraiser franchise.

9 The spell reveals a whole world of paranormal threats

James Wan has established himself as one of the most influential names in modern horror post-kickstart. Saw, Insidious, and multi-billion dollar Spell connected universe. There are currently eight films in a wide range. Spell universe, and that’s not all, but many argue that Wang’s original films make the strongest impression.

The first Spell is a brilliant deconstruction of the haunted house and exorcism sub-genres, but the movie works just as well thanks to the down-to-earth human performances that come from Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as Ed and Lorraine Warren. The Warrens became the heart Spell franchise, and the original film confidently introduces this rich world.

eight The 2009 Friday The 13th reboot brilliantly adapts the classic slasher for a modern audience.

Discussing the bloody slasher without mentioning Jason Voorhees and Friday the 13th Franchising is next to impossible. There are a dozen Friday the 13th cinema, including Freddie Vs. Jason crossover, but since the 2009 reboot, the series has had no new entry. Horror movie remakes draw a lot of criticism, especially when they belong to a favorite genre, but Marcus Nispel Friday the 13th completely understands the task.

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The smart movie ostensibly combines the first three films into one, but it ensures it’s filled with inventive murders and a truly frightening version of Jason. The movie’s extended intro is still one of the best misconceptions in contemporary horror.

7 Insidiousness: Chapter 2 throws viewers back into the unsettling maze of “further”

insidious is a dark and atmospheric series about possession, based on four feature-length films and developing the rich lore of its disturbing demonic realm “Next”. The first insidious The film is currently unavailable on Netflix, but its sequel immediately picks up on its predecessor’s cliffhanger and puts James Wan back in the director’s chair.

Insidious: Chapter 2 explores new demons, but it also escalates the horror from the first film as Patrick Wilson’s Josh Lambert becomes a threat to his fractured family. With the fifth entry in insidious With 2023 on the way, now is the perfect time to revisit this chilling franchise before it unleashes more horrors from The Next.

6 Hush is a horror movie about home invasion in all its smart and scary form

Mike Flanagan is one of this generation’s biggest names in the horror genre, as well as one of Netflix’s most consistent partners. Release of critically acclaimed hits such as The ghosts of the hill house, midnight mass, as well as Doctor Sleep both on TV and in movies, Quiet this is more subordinate territory for Flanagan. However, the claustrophobic home invasion thriller still hits just as hard as any of its more supernatural horror stories.

A deaf-mute writer becomes the victim of a masked attacker, which escalates into a thrilling battle of wits between the two sides. Quiet still contains frightening visuals and the villain’s minimalist mask is very effective, but Kate Siegel’s clever script and believable performance elevate Quiet to something more.

5 The ring started cinema’s love for J-Horror and proves the merit of American remakes

There is an ongoing debate in the horror community about the merits of American remakes of foreign horror films. There is absolutely no reason to remake an effective foreign horror film just because it’s in a different language, but there are still effective examples of this where a remake can do something different with the original film’s themes and message.

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Gore Verbinski Ring able to confidently resist the Japanese ringu, and the success of this endeavor was largely responsible for the onslaught of foreign horror remakes in the 2000s. Ring, together with Discontent, this is a rare example of an effective remake that still works decades later.

four Sinister got lost in the darkness of humanity with a string of scary snuff movies

Some of the best horror movies are the ones that can temporarily make viewers forget they’re even watching the movie at all. Scott Derrickson Sinister lives in a very dark place where the author is slowly immersed in a mystery which he solves after discovering several disturbing snuff films.

Ethan Hawke puts on a breathtaking performance in which every new movie he watches takes away a big part of his soul. The film’s story loses some of its influence in its final act, but each of the “home movies” that Sinister gifts will make viewers shake in fear.

3 Ouija: Origin Of Evil is an excellent sequel that doesn’t overwhelm itself

2014 Ouija it’s a wholesome horror movie that ends up being forgettable, which makes it all the more surprising that the subsequent prequel movie, Ouija: The Origin of Evilnot just an excellent film, but an outstanding horror film in its own right.

Origin of evil doesn’t really have any connection to the 2014 movie other than its title. It serves as an early opportunity for Mike Flanagan to showcase his skills when it comes to demonic possession and linking religion to the horror genre. It’s a real surprise, what a fun ride Ouija: The Origin of Evil there is, and it looks like it’s unofficial Spell spin off.

Horror movies that manage to become perpetual hits are those that naturally include biting social commentary in their messages. Should tells of a group of teenagers trying to escape death with a haunting entity, but it’s also a cautionary tale for sexually transmitted diseases and the short stature of adolescence.

These difficult themes can easily be turned into upsetting episodes that cause a growing sense of unease. However, it’s the appropriate social commentary and vibrant visuals that will bring people back to this modern horror story.

one The Exorcist is a chilling look at spirituality and the loss of innocence

William Friedkin exorcist it’s nearly 50 years old, but there’s good reason to claim it’s the scariest movie of all time. Based on the groundbreaking novel by William Peter Blatty. exorcist establishes many cinematic traditions that are still associated with films about exorcism and possession.

Seeing a young, innocent Regan lose her body to a demonic presence is absolutely horrifying. Still, exorcist such an effective plunge into horror because of his nihilistic view of religion. It’s not just demonic forces that are featured in this film; this means that they are gaining the upper hand and winning this ongoing war between good and evil.

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