🌱Patchogue Daily: Assault At LIRR + PAL Football Program 2022​ + Events

Hi all! I’m back in your mailbox this morning to update you on all the most important events going on locally. Here’s the catch…

First, today’s weather:

Afternoon thunderstorm; warmer. High: 83, low: 65.

Here are the top 4 stories in Patchogue today:

  1. Teenage hero Anthony Zhongor, 17, from Patchog met the father of an 18-year-old he rescued from Patchog Bay.. Mia Samolinsky drove into the water by mistake on Tuesday evening. Charlie Samolinsky stepped out to personally thank his daughter’s savior. (News Day/Subscription Required)
  2. Give dad a day of fishing hosted by the Patchogue Medford Public Library. Children in grades 3 through 6 can accompany their adults to West Lake on the Montauk Highway. (PMP Library)
  3. A man was attacked on the Long Island Railroad in Patchogue. According to police, the suspect is in custody, the victim received injuries incompatible with life. (News Day/Subscription Required)
  4. On Wednesday, the Bean of Patchogue coffee shop brought beautiful colors to the village. Local artists painted a peace sign on the wall facing west. (Big LEE)

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Today in Patchog:

  • Bingo with Barbara in PMPL. (10 a.m)
  • Rehearsal for an almost Manx performance in PMPL. (16:00)
  • PAL Football Program for 2022 in PMPL. (18:00)

From my notepad:

  • Patchog-Medford School District: “This week the winners of the Patchogue Medford Library Research Contest were announced! Congratulations to Taylor, Mike and Melody (not pictured).” (Patchog-Medford School District via Facebook)
  • Big Patchog: “A 17-year-old saw the accident and helped the driver get back to safety. No harm done”. (GreaterPatchogue via Facebook)
  • Are you looking for a job? Patch has a list of the latest jobs in the Patchog area. (Patch patch)

More from our sponsors – thanks for supporting local news!

Featured businesses:


  • Greenhill Kitchen’s first annual summer launch event. (June 17)
  • Hire a professional to clean the yard for dad. (June 19)
  • Exhibition of vintage and classic cars. (June 25)
  • Add your event


Concerts and services:

Now you’re in the know and ready to start this Friday off right! I’ll be back in your inbox tomorrow morning with a new update.

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