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It’s that time of year again, with touring teams, summer workouts, swollen ankles and GOALS!

And when the school is over, the children are fully entertained with football tournaments, training and even summer camps.

For those kids who want to get an edge in their competitions – whether it’s their teammates or their competitors – KSAT Kids now offers some soccer skill videos thanks to San Antonio Sports. These videos can help your child develop their best pele skills.

In the videos, Coach Michael LaHood teaches you basic football skills, including dribbling, passing and shooting.


Coach Michael was a 2007 NCAA champion at Wake Forest University and a former MLS player for Chivas USA and the Philadelphia Union.

Exercise can be done anywhere and often using household items such as water bottles or cones in addition to a soccer ball.

Those interested can click on the video above to view both the introduction and the warm-up to get started. Several of the videos below are grouped into different skills to help your child develop better.

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In this video, you will learn tricks and games to help you improve your soccer dribbling skills.


This is what I play! video, learn the skills that will help your football playthrough.


In this video we are working on football shooting with the help of a former pro.

You can find more instructional videos in the KSAT Kids section of our website and in our free KSAT Kids newsletter.


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About San Antonio Sports

Since 1984 San Antonio Sports brought our city to the world stage. From NCAA championships to Rock and Roll Marathon in San Antoniothe flagship events we host have contributed over $853 million to our local economy.


But we’re not just talking about big games. We are a non-profit organization that works every day to transform our community through sports. San Antonio Sports recognizes the connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind and works every day to create sports and fitness programs that inspire children and their families to be active and healthy.

San Antonio Sports I play! after school The program introduces children from underprivileged areas to the basics of UIL sports after school by providing coaching, equipment, nutrition and character building lessons. Our Family Call Fit expands our kids’ fitness efforts with a fun, motivated twelve-week family-friendly program.

We invite everyone to become a part of the San Antonio sports team as a participant, volunteer and member. Visit us at or call 210-820-2100.


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